Apr. 8th, 2012

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I must say, I love looking over at the "posting" calendar on my blog and seeing each day marked.  So, even though Sundays are a "day off" in the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I've decided to post today anyway.  Even though it is Easter, and as you read this, I am actually cooking and visiting and chasing after grandkids on their Easter egg hunt.  Geez, I love this scheduled posting thing!  So yeah, today is Easter, and as usual, the whole family is here at my house.  Probably 17?  I quit counting at 14--one or two or three more doesn't matter.  We're having ham and potato salad and green salad and jello salad and sweet potatoes and asparagus and rolls and cake and ice cream.  And that's not counting the appetizers -- shrimp and spinach dip and bean-layered dip and deviled eggs, and yeah, the family does like to eat.  And I love to have them all here and for us all to be a family and enjoy each other's company.  We've got four little ones running around now, my son's 2 boys and our niece's daughter and son, and they're stair-stepped down in ages from 5 to 1, so it's going to be blast tomorrow with the egg hunt!  Today we had a birthday party for the 1 yr old great-nephew, and in a minute or so my son is coming over with my 5 yr old grandson to go over to my mother's retirement place for an egg hunt and Easter bunny pictures and more ice cream!  Yesterday we planted the garden and cleaned and ran errands, so yeah, I am pooped!  But no time to rest, not now.  Have a great Easter everyone!  Happy trails to you!


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