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Yesterday I went outside to do two small chores:  spray the tomatoes for worms, and quickly pot up two little pieces of some really pretty plant that I filched out of a nursery and rooted in water.  Well.  Two hours or so later, I had done both of those, plus re-potted about 6 new purchases that I have sadly let die.  Why would I re-pot them if they're dead, you might ask?  Well, a couple of them did have one or two sad looking little stems on them, and two others seemed to still have healthy roots, and the other two had healthy enough stems that I think might re-root with fresh soil.  Well, they're probably all lost causes, but it doesn't hurt to try.  Plus I cleaned up my potting bench, moving all the junk accumulation off and sweeping it clean and then organizing all my rocks.  Yes, I've been collecting rocks.  No, I do not know what kind they are besides pretty ones.  Or unusually shaped.  Or ocean-washed pieces of tile or shell. Or they've got little barnacles attached to them.  Or holes.  I've been collecting them to use in my miniature gardens, but of course I have more than I'll ever use, but I also have a dry creek bed I can throw the leftovers into.  And after I organized my rocks, I replanted and re-rocked some of my miniature gardens.  And even though I meant to spend 15 minutes out there and really didn't have 2 hours to spare, well, it was all to the good.  My tomatoes are doing so much better this year than last year.  I think the weather has been nicer, while we had a week or so of 100+ temps earlier, it's dropped back since then.  I guess the east coast and everyone else is getting our 100+.  Sorry about that.  At least out here we're equipped to handle them better -- everyone has air conditioning.  I can't imagine having to deal with that weather PLUS no electricity.  Wow, Mother Nature is really slamming it to us this year.  Crazy stuff.  At least out here in CA we're used to the heat plus we have a dry heat with little humidity. 

After I finally came inside, I spent a couple hours clearing off my desk (are you seeing a trend, here?  Yes, I let things pile up and then have to take hours to UNpile them.  But at least I do, eventually.) and paying bills and organizing my greetings cards drawer ( I LOVE me some organizing!).  And then as I was gathering up old VCR tapes to take to transfer to DVD before the coupon for $5 off expired, I realized that I have a combo VCR/DVD recordable.  So, duh!  I made 3 DVDs last night.  Years ago the hubby and I both had old super 8 mm film from our childhoods transferred to VCR.  So now that VCRs are things of the past, I guess we need to transfer them to DVD.  Wonder how long before I have to transfer them yet again?  We watched them as I transferred them, and it was so cool.  I saw a quick glimpse of my grandmother, who died when I was 6.  And my granpa and great-granma.  I barely recognized my mom looking so young.  It was kind of sad, but very cool.  The quality of the tapes wasn't very good at all, so the images aren't very clear.  But at least we have them. 
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I subscribe to David Farland's email list called "Daily Kick" though (which, truth to tell, I sometimes read and sometimes don't, depending on my time), and he had an interesting post on June 20th, "Why Editors Reject Your Story."  I did read this one, and turns out, it was about his judging in Writers of the Future contest.  

Here's his take on Honorable Mentions and what will get him to read beyond the first two pages:

Why do I feel that I have to read this particular story? First off, it has an engaging idea at its core. I know that from the first page. Second, the author is writing with clarity and grace. Third, the pacing is just right. In short, there are a lot of good things happening here for a first page.

Stories that keep me reading all the way through will almost always get an Honorable Mention. That’s my way of saying, “You’re writing almost at a professional level, but this one didn’t quite do it for me.” Or better yet, “I’d really like to see more from you. Keep trying!”

He then goes on to list (and expand upon) four reasons why a story may not rise above an Honorable Mention:
1) The idea for the story isn’t particularly fresh or interesting.
2) If the idea is good, then it may be that your execution is off.
3) The story may have plotting problems.
4) The story has missing elements. This is the most frequent problem, and the hardest to solve.

Very insightful, and good advice, not only for WotF subbers.  If you don't subscribe, and would like a copy of the article, and can't find it elsewhere, let me know, and I'll be happy to send it to you.
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Well, we R home.  Is always good to be home.  Today for our anniversary we went to see Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  It was pretty entertaining.  I actually enjoyed the story more before he was elected President.  It got a little draggy after that, but all in all, we liked it, even though horror/suspense movies where the suspense builds and then something jumps out of the screen always make me jump.  I like reading horror, but I don't like slash and hack horror movies much.  Ok, at all.  It's not that blood and gore bother me, it's t he suspense that puts me on edge.  But this one wasn't bad in that department.  I give it a thumbs up, but not E for Excellent.  But I have to say, I LOVED the premise.  I didn't read the book, but the idea of Honest Abe being a ninja-like axe-wielding vampire hunter is crazy good.  Wish I'd thought of it. 


Jun. 22nd, 2012 11:03 am
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Content.  At peace.  Ah, happiness. 

Am in Reno, NV, on our anniversary vacation.  Hubby is downstairs gambling while I've been having the most pleasant morning here in our room.  I have internetz, and the only vague upheaval was my browser unexpectedly shut down and I lost all my tabs and had to spend 30 minutes or so going through my history to find what all I'd been saving to look at "later."  "Later" being the story of my life, in which my appetite is bigger than my allotted time, so it's always, I'll get to it later, which of course, hardly ever happens.  But that small annoyance aside, I'm happily browsing and buying children's books for the grandkiddies for my Kindle Fire (wow, I was buying a book online, and just happened to have the Fire beside me, charging it up, and the book I bought INSTANTLY appeared on the home screen.  Talk about quick!

Here at the Peppermill, downstairs in the casino they have hundreds of HD tvs showing gorgeous scenes of street/landscape views of cars/boats/joggers/ocean waves in different spots worldwide.  I really enjoy watching the different places scoot by, but am mildly frustrated when the screen is sometimes too far away for me to read the city name and short description.  But I have happily discovered I can watch it in my room here, with a soothing background music of easy listening instrumentals and classical.  I am watching "underwater Life" in New Zealand (2 sharks swimming in the bluest water), Ness Valley in New Zealand (green pasture with buttery-yellow sheep grazing) Laka Wakatipu in New Zealand with a finger of fog edging over a jagged cliff, cars trying manuever through the narrow streets of Chinatown in San Francisco, an awesome bridge in France, rainbow-colored skyscrapers in Hong Kong, boats jetting white wakes in Sydney, AU, a waterfall in CA, a wildflower in Death Valley barely swaying in a gentle breeze, a man sitting by an ancient wall in China.  It's very tranquil and soothing, and I'm doing what makes me happiest.  Some might call it boring.  :-D
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Am gone.  Will return.  Am reading flist.  Probably not much commenting.  Play nice. 

ETA:  Sorry, didn't mean for anyone to worry.  That terse message just struck my weird humor sense as funny.  Am on an anniversary vacation.  Have internetz, but staying busy and then have almost a full travel day here and back again (on Sat.).
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The slush, it never ends.  Now that I've been at it for awhile, I find I have something to say about cover letters.  Not that any of my flist is guilty of any of this, I'm sure.  But people sure are interesting, aren't they?

I'm amazed at how many authors send in stories without a cover letter.  Nothing, just a blank email with an attachment. It blows me away.  How rude.  I'm taking precious moments out of my busy day to read your story and you can't bother to at least greet me and then say thank you?  Then there are the bare-bones cover letters that I can tell are generic, as in, Dear Editor, please consider this story.  No story title.  No word count.  Pretty much garners the same feeling from me.  If you don't have time to write up a cover letter for your story, why should I take time to read it?  But I do.  And then the other extreme:  the letters with TMI, Too Much Information.  Every single publication they've ever made, an autobiography, and then the dreaded story behind the story.  I received one the other day that had no information about the story they were sending (besides, please consider this story), and then 4 pages of biography, background, publication listings, and I don't know what else.  I didn't read it.  Nor did I do more than glance at the story.  Sorry, but I had visions of someone very difficult to work with. 

My biggest pet peeve is no word count in the cover letter.  Why?  Because I'm lazy.  Sometimes I only have a short time to read one more story, and I know I can read a 2k story pretty quickly, but a 4-5k story is going to take longer.  I don't want to have to open the document to find out how many words the story is.  Please, be kind.  Let your slush reader know how many words your story is.

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Happy Father's Day to all you Fathers!  You know who you are!

(If this post comes up twice, apologies!  I thought I set it to post this morning, but I can't find it, so I dunno what happened.
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I am currently reading George R.R. Martin's "Dances with Dragons."  I must admit, I grow tiresome with it.  This makes me very sad.  The world is growing too bloated, the POV character list too big.  The characters I love and enjoy most -- Arya, Tyrion, Jaime -- are either non-existent, or off doing things I don't really care about.  Danaerys hasn't appealed to me much since she lost Drogo.  New characters are being brought in and I have to wonder why.  And I swear, if I read the "c" words referring to both female and male genitalia, I shall scream.  Which isn't a very good thing to threaten, as I know without doubt I will read both those words over and over and over again.  *sigh*  Again, I can't tell you how very sad all this makes me, as I simply loved the first 3 volumes. 
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I got a Kindle Fire for Mother's Day.  Did I tell you?  I'm not really using it for reading, yet, as my pile of TBR paper books is so huge and overwhelming, I'll probably never finish it in my lifetime.  In fact, I have to say I'll probably give in and not read some of them.  But anyway, I have a regular Kindle for reading, I think the e-ink or whatever they call it is much easier in my eyes than the Fire screen, so that will most likely be my reading vehicle.

The older grandson loves the Fire and I have a lot of games on it for him.  And quite a few for me.  The Sudoku game is awesome, and I think I like it better even than the paper ones.  And then I found Tetris!  Yay, I spend many hours playing Tetri on my son's Nintendos.  The Fire Tetris, you use your fingers to tap to flip the blocks, and I get confused sometimes on where to tap or flick, but it'll come easier soon, I'm sure.  

I also like a Gems clone, not sure what the "real" name of it is.  I picked up a jigsaw game the other day, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.  Not using it for music or videos yet, but I expect I will, eventually.  I tried a seek and find type of game, it was okay, but not as immersive RPG as I like, but a lot of that was a learning curve in using the Fire.  I finished that game and got another by the same publisher, so maybe I'll like the next one better.

I picked up a RPG game that is very much like the original Dragon Warrior.  I loved the SNES game, and today I got the chance to play the Fire one (I think it's called Gaillardia), and it is VERY similar.  I prefer the kind of fighting where it's all computer generated, not having to time your hits and jumps, because I've never been good at that type of thing, so this game is right up my alley.  I do wish there was a map within the game though, I don't like wandering without knowing where to go and my memory is no longer good enough for me to remember the exact way to go, but I expect I can find one online when I get the chance.  It's all good.

So far, most of the games have been free, which is awesome.  I think I've spent a couple of dollars on a game or two, but Amazon offers a lot of the fee games for free every so often, so if you wait, it might swing around for free. 
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Oh, what a busy weekend.  And before it, too.  Friday we went to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  I enjoyed that a lot.  Of course, you have to forget mostly everything you know about the "original" Snow White tale, but that's okay.  It was definitely more of an action flick, but what's wrong with that?  I didn't even hate Kristen Stewart as much as I thought I would (sorry, Twilight fans, but I'm horribly prejudiced against her because of the movies, not that I ever saw them, so that's an awful thing to do, isn't it!  But I've never been a vampire fan, and it's something I don't even try to explain, it just is.).  I read that she was awful, but she did just fine, I thought.  Of course the moments of disbelief were huge:  a girl imprisoned from age 7 or so onward is able to run like the wind and swim in the very rough ocean, but don't bother with details, I say, although hubby and I both snickered at that section.  The action was enough to carry the film from a pure enjoyment level, I thought.  And the sets and costumes and such were very well done.

Then Sat. was full of yard work and then the grandkiddies came to spend the night, and much hugs and kisses and snuggles went on, enough to fill this grandma's heart for a day or two.  Early the next morning, DiL came to pick up younger grandson and Grandpa and I took older grandson to see Madagascar 3.  I have to admit I have not seen the other two Madagascar movies (and I plan to remedy that), and I really enjoyed it, even laughing out loud several times.  I think it might have even kept the 2 yr old sufficiently entertained enough to stay in his seat throughout, but we didn't want to take a chance on that, hence him going on home.  And the older one is jealous of his younger brother of course, so it's good that we take him by himself every once in a while.

In between the yard work and grandkiddies, we finally bought a flat screen tv.  It's a smart tv with wireless, but I haven't had a chance yet to experiment with what I can do with it.  And likely won't for about a week or so, we're going to be gone quite a bit and when I am here, I've the grandkiddies. 

Sunday was full of mopping and vaccuuming and then trying to get caught up on things.  Meanwhile, the slushing, it never ends.  *sigh*  I do love it, but every once in a while, I do wish it would go on vacation for a couple of weeks.  We do have days where we're caught up, but they're few and far between. 
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A couple of awesome stories in this months Clarkesworld.  First, by Shimmer's very own Editor, E. Catherine Tobler, "You Were She Who Abode,"  HERE .  I wish I had Elise's talent for titles, because I love lyrical titles like this, but it's something that I'm just not very good at.  But the story is so moving, I really enjoyed it, and I hope you go take a read, too.

Then, LJ's very own Aliette de Bodard ([ profile] aliettedb) has a story, Immersion, HERE .  Actually, I have to admit, I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but no matter, I will read it, and I feel confident in saying that the story is going to be riveting.  Aliette has an entry on the story behind the story on her LJ, so go read that if you haven't already.

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Bet ya didn't even miss me!  I was at the coast for 10 glorious days.  Well, except for about 8 hours when we drove home, did some laundry, went to a TBall game, and drove back.  We were going to spend the night at home but Son and DiL and grandkiddies decided to come to the coast for Memorial Day, so we headed on back and had a great time except it was a little too windy for much beach play, but the grandkiddies had a good time at the park instead.  And then they went home and hubby and I relaxed for a few days until his buddy came over to get married and we were busy with them for 2 1/2 days.  So, the 10 days went really fast.

And we missed the 100+ degree weather and it was only 70 today.  Yep, 30 degree drop in 3 days.  Last night we had a dust storm due to high winds and (shades of Dust Bowl!) dry soil due to not enough water to plant the fields. 

And, in those 10 days, the 2-yr-old grandson has learned to speak full sentences.  It's so cute to watch him concentrate on the words, he's learned about pronouns, too.  He's a darlin', he is.  Today I made him a Lego helicopter, and he pronounces is heliedocder.  It's the cutest thing. 
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Our BlueJay-Dove saga

Every year, we usually have doves nesting in the planters in my patio.  They're not always successful in laying eggs, however, as we are outside a lot and the doves end up getting scared off.  When they start building nests, it's still cold here so we're not out as much and I guess they think they've found this perfect spot -- until the weather warms and we're underneath their nests.  And then Easter and Mother's Day comes along and we have a lot of people over and the doves fly off, never to return.  But one year, we actually had a baby.  And one day when we returned home, the baby and momma both were gone.  We figured a cat had gotten the baby.

Last year, we actually had two babies hatch and make it all the way through.  And then came the big day when they left the nest.  They just hung around on the patio for most of the day and we were worried sick a cat would happen along, so we watched over them from the windows all day.  Success!

This year, the dove set up a nest again.  One egg.  A chick hatches.  Hubby sees the baby, still fluffy with new feathers, on the edge of the planter that morning.  We're both gone most of the day and when we return, baby is gone.  We keep seeing Momma in the bushes as the edge of the patio and decide maybe the baby fell out of the nest and the Momma and baby were hiding in the bushes.  But then the momma leaves and we think, oh no, the baby must have fallen from the nest and ended up dying.  I even poked around in the ferns and hellebores to see if I could find the dead baby, but no luck.

A few days later, a dove starts building a nest in another planter.  This one is in a spot where we have to pass by on our way to the garden, but the dove seems really calm, even when we're only a couple feet away from her.  So it soon becomes apparent that this dove might be the same one and is already used to us.  Mother's Day comes and we have about 20 people and little kids out on the patio, and the dove doesn't budge all day.  So we're pretty sure this is the same dove.  But what happened to the first baby?

Then the next week, I hear a squawk and I turn to look out the window and see a bluejay on the edge of the planter where the momma dove is nesting.  It flies off, but a few minutes later, I see it there again!  I run outside and chase it off and then it occurs to me what happened to the earlier baby dove.  You see, a couple of years ago, I heard this awful ruckus out back-- birds squawking and chirping.  I look out the window and see a robin swooping back and forth to the ground, and when I go to look closer, I see a blue jay on the ground, pecking at something.  I run outside and see a baby robin on the ground.  The blue jay is holding it down with one claw and pecking, HARD! at that baby robin's head.  I ran the blue jay off, but the poor baby robin ended up dying.

I'd heard that blue jays were mean, but I'd always liked them and thought they were so pretty.  Well, no longer!  And now, thinking about that blue jay killing the baby robin, I'm pretty sure that the blue jay saw the baby dove in the planter and came along and killed it.  

The point of my whole story?  There is sometimes cause to allow your husband to get his pellet gun and shoot at pretty blue jays.  Yes, there is.  If they're that cruel as to kill other baby birds that aren't harming them at all, then I'm sorry.  And besides, the pellet gun doesn't pack a strong enough punch to kill them.  But maybe they'll think twice about coming into my yard and killing baby doves!  

The second hatching has occurred.  There were two eggs, and today I saw one baby dove poking a head out from Momma.  Don't know if there's another one hidden under there yet or not.  I hope we can keep the blue jays away.  I saw one in the yard today, but I'm watching!  
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So where, you might ask, has Pam been?  Um, mostly, here and home, just busy breaking every resolution I've made for the year.  Except I have been subbing.  I kinda-sorta joined the Write 1 Sub 1 Challenge, except I'm pretty much doing it just privately.  But I have been flashing (writing a story in a timed 90 minute themed challenge) every week at Liberty Hall and subbing a story a week.  The bad thing is that I haven't been doing any other writing besides that one day a week.  I keep meaning to.  But I don't.  No excuses, I just don't. 

2012 was going to be the year of the novel for me.  I signed up for the Codex novel challenge.  Except I've let the April starting date slide right past with nary a grab.  Just can't work up the gumption.  Probably what I'll end up doing is panicking when it starts getting closer to closing time and try to do it all in a month.  I guess I work better with a deadline, too, and it has to be close enough that I can't procrastinate about it. 

I did work yesterday, though, because I do have a deadline coming up:  Polish Challenge at Liberty Hall.  So I trotted out a few of my older flashes that I always meant to finish and never got around to.  One is spiffed up and I've got 2 more to do.  Since they're short, I plan to enter 2 of them, and they'll still be less than 4k, so that seems fair.  Can't decide which of the others ones to put up though.  Probably the one I finish first.  The other one will have to wait or go somewhere else -- maybe Codex, I keep meaning to put one up for critting there, but the truth is, I'm kind of scared to.  There, now since I admitted it, I can put on my big girl pants and do it. 

I really *do* mean to post more often.  But, you know.  I just don't.  Because I'm a procrastinator and there's always tomorrow to do it in -- until Dec. 21, that is.  ;-D
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Yes, I've been oh so bad.  I haven't posted in almost a week.  I've written no new words.  I didn't even clean my house or cook much. Looking back on my week, even I wonder what the heck I was doing!  But I was busy, really I was.  Next week, back on the treadmill.  And we finally get to go back to the coast.
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I have a few minutes free time and then that will be it.  So this will be quick.  First, we have the grandkiddies until Sunday evening, which means no free time at all.  Maybe an hour today during naps later on.  I'm trying to do a daily word goal again, but the last few days, life has intervened.  Thursday, I woke up sickly and pukey and ended up sleeping half the day away.  Yesterday, I had to catch up on the house chores because it truly was a disaster and tomorrow after Mother's Day Brunch, the family is coming over (14 or so!), and the minute that was all done, it was time to pick up the grandkiddies. 

So regarding the daily word goal, [ profile] kara_gnome challenged me the other day to write 500 words.  Sadly, neither one of us made it.  LOL!  But I did win, with 345 words.  So, yay for me!  I decided then that a 100 word goal wasn't good for me, because usually I end up putting it off until 9 pm at night and then trying to push out words and stop when I get right at 100.  But 500 is too much for me to accomplish every single day, so I decided that a monthly average of 500 words a day could work.  I'll really have to push to make that this month, though. 

Because now the Shimmer slush is growing ever bigger.  I made a commitment to read slush, and I feel a lot of pressure when I have as many stories in my inbox as there are right now.  I want to get them done RIGHT now, which is never a good thing.  Too much pressure, I try to read to fast and then have to re-read.  It's not a good scenario for anyone.  I need to find my way to feeling okay with having stories piling up, because the reality is, they're always going to pile up, it's a never-ending process, and I need to process my own way through that.  My normal process is when things are piled up to soldier on and get them done, but in this case, it's not like this job will ever get done, there's only more stories waiting. 

Which is all to say, I'm trying to find a way to balance reading slush with taking time to write, because what I'm doing right now is reading slush instead of writing.  I need to do my own stuff first and fit slush in later, instead of the other way around. 
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May 7 is a Reflections Post Day in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge.  So what did I discover and learn from blogging 30 days in a row?  I re-learned that I'm one of those people who need discipline (i.e. a schedule) in my life or I degenerate into an unmotivated lackluster couch potato that does nothing but play games all day.  So in that regard, blogging everyday got me on a schedule and motivated me.  It game me a huge feeling of accomplishment.  Why?  Nothing more complicated than I set a goal for myself and I followed through on it.  That, my friends, leaves one with a HUGE sense of self-accomplishment.  I didn't even realize the cumulative effect of this challenge until this morning.  Yesterday, I made myself a list in the morning (thank you, [ profile] maryjdal, for that idea!).  This isn't something new, I often make myself lists, but only when there are a ton of things I need to get accomplished.  The difference this time?  I wrote writing-related items on this list.  I usually keep my daily life and my writing life separate.  Merging them into one was a big step for me.  It announces (if only to myself) I AM a writer.  This may seem like a DUH! type of statement, but it's something internal I didn't even realize I was doing (keeping myself separate).  I did almost everything on this list--the two things I didn't accomplish went on today's list (so yes, I still have the stove to clean and one phone call to make).  I revised a story.  I subbed a story.  And then I went on to write, even though it was growing rather late by then and I had nothing to write, I remembered I had [ profile] stillnotbored's monthly challenge beginning sentence, so I wrote 127 words there.  Nothing major, but I accomplished something.  This morning I was looking over the end of the A-Z Challenge, and thinking of my reflections post and I realized that yesterday's accomplishment was mainly due to the challenge.  I was feeling accomplished and full of goals.  That, my friends, is what I call a successful challenge of blogging daily.

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I have set out on a new course.  Or, I should say, not new, but resuming what I dropped the ball on.  From July 26, 2008 until March 15, 2010, I wrote every single day.  Yep.  596 days straight of at least 100 words a day.  In that time, I wrote about 240,000 words. 

But during the last month, I was getting really burned out and going through the motions by only writing 100 words per day.  So one thing led to another and I slowed and eventually came to a complete halt.  I had a spreadsheet tracking my progress, but I quit keeping track as my initiative slowed to a stop. 

So last week, when I decided it was high time I got back on that writing horse, I opened up my spreadsheet and started in again.  I'm not going to try to re-create my writing every single day.  I don't have a firm goal yet, as a matter of fact, but I'm toying with the idea of a monthly/weekly goal instead of daily.  Although, writing daily works for me, because it keeps me in the habit.

Nevertheless, I've spent this morning brushing the cobwebs off my spreadsheet.  And I realized all those blank lines from Jan. 2011 to present day weren't *really* blank, because I have continued to do the flash challenges at Liberty Hall.  So I went back today and entered all those stories in my spreadsheet.  Then I opened each story to get the word count.  And guess what I found?  There are lots of gems in those stories that I didn't think were worth finishing.  I haven't started a "new" story in probably a year -- or so I thought, until I reminded myself of those flash challenges.  See, we write using a prompt and a timer, for 90 minutes, and then turn in the "finished" flash story.  Except I'm famous for not finishing, because I have a hard time wriitng a flash story.  Every once in a while, I'll get on that can end in 1000 words, but often, it's the beginning of a longer story.  But I've never finished them because I never think they're worth finishing.  But maybe what I'm judging them on is how they compared to the other stories of the week, which is usually now great.  But today I realized that I need to judge them by what's started happening in the story, and I bet I can finish quite a few of them. 

Now I'm all jazzed that while I thought I had a dearth of stories to work from/with, I actually have a lot.  They can't all be rescued, of course, but there's a few gems in there.  I love discovering things like that.  So now I can go from not thinking I had a story to work on every day to realizing I have quite a few.
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Join us in standing up for reproductive health and education. Planned Parenthood, the organization that delivers reproductive health care, sex education and information to millions of people worldwide, has come under fire in the U.S. lately, with many politicians on both state and federal level seeking to end funding (and in a few cases succeeding).

During the month of May, you can send a specially designed Planned Parenthood vgift to your friends to help support this cause. (And if you need someone to send it to, [ profile] frank is always happy to receive gifts!) There are three variations ($1, $5 and $10) for you to choose from, but they'd all look good on your profile when your friends know that you stand by something so important.


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So here's a kind of funny thing that happened in our family due to Facebook.  My brother's ex-mother-in-law passed away over the weekend (it's ok, she was "ready" and was 95).  My niece posted on Facebook (found this out much later) that her grandmother had died, without specifying *which* grandmother it was (she called both my mom and her mom's mother the same nickname).  So a cousin's daughter up in Canada, who is about the same age as my niece, went to the same high school, but not necessarily "friends" are now -- apparently -- facebook friends.  The cousin's daughter sees the post and thinks, OMG, it's mom's aunt (my mother and my niece's "other" grandmother) who's died.  Phone calls ensue, apparently, and complicated by it's now running later in the evening and entering nighttime, and time zone changes, and that the cousin's mother (who she called to confirm/deny) was in Florida on the way back to CA and about to get on the plane, hence making her then un-reachable by phone.  I am alerted to the "problem" by a friend of my cousin, who I assure that my mother is just fine, however, she's unclear how the information got to my cousin to begin with, so doesn't know who, if anyone, she should call since my cousin is now on the plane and not due to get home until really late/early in the AM.  So we laugh it off and she'll take care of it tomorrow.  The next morning, I get a phone call from my cousin's son's wife (who I *never* talk to except every 5 years or so at some distant relative's funeral).  I'm really not thinking about the mixup, because I don't know how/where/who has what information, all I'm wondering is why the heck she is calling me.  And all she says is, "How are you?"  "Fine," I answer, still wondering what she wants.  Silence.  Then she mumbles, "Sorry."  "Huh?"  I ask, not really understanding her.  She hems and haws and repeats, and finally it dawns on me what's going on.  "Wait, wait, are you calling about my mother?"  "Yes, I'm so sorry!"  Ack.  No, everything is fine.  I explain, but she doesn't even know who got what info where, apparently messages were being left all over the country.  But she's relieved, MUCH relieved.  Later, I call my brother to let him know if he gets any sympathy calls, he better check and make sure they're sympathizing for the right person, but he knows all about it and the Facebook connection comes out. 

So.  People.  Please specify which side of the family you're posting about, before you scare unsuspecting distant family members.  I still don't know how many people were freaking out and sad over the loss of my mother.  It's kind of funny, I was laughing about it.  But I do feel badly for those that were needlessly saddened. 


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