Apr. 7th, 2012

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G is for three of my favorite things!  First, the nearest, dearest to my heart -- grandchildren!  I heard over and over again how awesome grandchildren were, but until I had my own, it was kind of hard to believe it was true.  But it is.  They're adorable, loveable, awesome-able and every other superlative I could ever think of.  Although I must admit, they are tiring, it's still well worth it.  I never thought I'd be happy to be a grandma, because grandmas are OLD and gray-haired and wrinkly, but I'm not.  NOT, I tell you.  Not!  But when those little feet are running towards you, grinning and squealing, "Gwanma, Gwanma," -- well, I dare your heart to not melt.

And then there's Grandparents.  That bond is so special.  As a child, grandparents give you unequivocal love and acceptance. As a grandparent myself, I aim to give that to my grandboys.  I want to be the safe harbor in any storm, the sheltering arms, and the one who can always find time to laugh with them.

Gardening -- what joy!  I went out yesterday a little after 2 pm, and it was almost 6 pm when I came back inside, and I was shocked I'd been out there so long.  While I'm not much of one for physical labor, if it's of the gardening variety, I'm ok with it.  I love pulling weeds -- is that crazy?  It's my way of keeping order in my universe, pulling out all that rotten stuff that doesn't belong.  But most of all, I love planting and watching it grow.  After I plant something, I'll go out every day to see how much it's grown.  My current passion is miniature gardens.  You take a rustic box, or a just any planter at all, and then use smaller-leaved plants, and miniature furniture to create little scenic gardens.  Just google "miniature garden" and take a peek at some of the photos.  I've done 3 so far, but my picture taking skills are pretty lousy, so I haven't one to post yet.


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