Apr. 2nd, 2012

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I'm participating in the A-Z April Challenge. That means for every day in April, (except Sundays -- officially, but I may post anyway) I will be posting on a theme, moving through the alphabet as I go. Over 1500 people are participating HERE  .  I'm going with a vague, pantser theme of My Favorite Things.

B is for Boys -- and not in the crazy-for-boys teen sense of the word, but in the crazy-for-boys Mom way.  I've been in a household full of boys since I married, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I had 2 sons, 2 years apart, and growing up, they both were Mama's boys, and although they might be ashamed to admit it, I'm not.  I didn't really want a daughter, because I was afraid we'd clash as much as my own mother and I did, so I was happy with my rough-and-tumble boys, even though I was never a rough-and-tumble kind of girl.  But then my older son got married and they got pregnant, and yes, I wanted a grandson.  But then when they got pregnant the second time, I admit I was really hoping for a girl.  I think the grandparent-granchild is so special, that I figured a granddaughter and I might just very well fit without the clashes that a mother-daughter relationship can have.  And I'd at last be able to buy cute GIRL clothes!  But alas, was not to be, and I have 2 grandsons.  Whom I love and dote on more than anything else in the world.  I guess I'm just destined to be the sole female in the family (except for my daughter-in-law), and that's okay, as I plan to be a slightly eccentric and fun-to-be-around matriarch!


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