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So,according to David Kernot, editor of ASIM 52, it's official!  Lookie here!

My story, "Taking Care" will be appearing. 

The issue is said to be going to printers in about 3 weeks, so will be out sometime in Sept.  Yay.  More details to follow
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Well, sometime back I announced a sale that I was very excited about, but that I wasn't going to name names until I had a contract in hand.  Um, contract is still not in hand, but I've been assured by the editor that it's coming.  Actually, I came to this post with every intention of announcing the market's name.  But I'm hearing this little voice whispering in my ear that if I do, I'll jinx the whole thing somehow.  Even though the editor has already set up the issue, so it'd be a major pain to decide they made a mistake and don't want my story after all.  But you know how insecure I am about things like this.  So...I'm chickening out.  Let's just say it's a fairly well-respected semi pro market from a country other than my own and it starts with the letter "A." 

My story, "Taking Care" will appear in the September issue.  I'm really excited.  The story debuted as Liberty Hall flash #174 as "A Place Called Home".  Thanks to [ profile] kara_gnome , [ profile] damonshaw , and strangebehavior for crits!  I wrote it as a prequel to another story that is now known as "Redemption" and is yet to have a home, although I do believe, thanks to [ profile] nancyfulda , that it has reached final revision stage and has now begun its search for Home.  
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I'm pleased to announce my story, "Fighter's Heart" is now available in Golden Visions Magazine -- the print version, Issue 13, Winter, 2011

It's available HERE -- scroll down the page for the print version, which is also available as a PDF for only $2.50!  Woohoo! 
Oh, and btw, I publish as Pam L. Wallace, not musingaloud!  Harhar!

Since I'm on the subject of me, I also saw a review of the October issue of Daily Science Fiction, which contained my story, "Memory Boxes".  The reviewer calls it a "nice piece", and also says that “Memory Boxes is heart-warming but thin”  To which I'll agree, as far as the "thin" goes, but it was written as a flash piece, so I was keeping the word count under 1k.  Anyway, should you care to read the review, you can find it HERE
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OMG!  I've had THREE!!!! -- yes, count them, THREE!!!! -- pieces of awesome news since Friday that have me on top of the world.  One would have been just awesome by itself, but all three put together have me absolutely walking on air.  Pardon my exuberance, I feel like a fangirl squeeful of giggly.

On Friday I had another CT scan and my diverticulitis infection appears to be settled.  I thought I was going to have to go through another course of those antibiotics that end up only making me sicker.  That was awesome in itself, especially given the headaches and hassles I went through that day waiting for insurance approval because the Dr. wanted it done before 5 pm.  

Then last night (after a busy day of tamale making!) I returned home to find an email from Jeanne Cavalos of Odyssey Writing Workshop.  No, I didn't apply for the 6 wk course, I just can't do that.  But for what I believe is the first time ever, they are running some online classes during January and Febuary.  I applied for the 3-Act Structure in Fantastic Fiction course.  I was ACCEPTED!  I am so excited about this opportunity to learn more skills.  *dancing on air* over this one.  More info on those classes can be found at the Odyssey site.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank once again the most awesome editor EVER!!! -- K. Allen Wood of Shock Totem fame.  He has been so supportive and caring.  And he's just a fun guy, too.  He was one of the references I used in the Odyssey Online Class application, and he has enthusiastically supported and encouraged me.  Please support his fine magazine, he certainly deserves accolades himself for all the hard work and enthusiasm.

This morning came my 3rd bit of goodness.  It seems I may end up published at long last in ASIM!!!!  I've had about 3 stories held to final round, but never taken.  It appears they are considering one.  I've had a conditional acceptance.  The editor still needs to go over the story and may ask for rewrites, etc, which could affect the acceptance of the final story.  So I'll keep my fingers crossed on this one until the contract is in the mail.  But to say I'm excited would be an understatement of the first magnitude.

I think I'll just float off into space now.  I'm pretty sure my feet won't be touching the ground all day.
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Look what came in the mail today from Hadley Rille books!  I've been wondering when it would come!  Now the only problem is I've still 2 books to go in Tad William's Shadowmarch series to finish first -- and they're long books!  *sigh*  As usual, too many books, too little time.  Maybe I'll take a break from Shadowmarch. 

Congrats to [ profile] bogwitch64 !

Oh, and if you haven't yet registered to win a free Kindle from Hadley Rille books in their 5k giveaway, there's still time!  But hurry!

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Just received an email from the uber-great editor of Shock Totem, Ken Woods. And I quote:
Just wanted to give you a heads-up that we've got issue #1 on sale again. It's 40% off if you use our store or Paypal. You can read a bit more about it here: Please share this info, if you know anyone who'd be interested.
Otherwise, I hope your holidays are filled with "an infinity of awesome." =) As you may or may not know, not only does this fine premier edition of what is bound to be an excellent horror mag, contain my story, Below the Surface, but also the lead story by fellow flister [ profile] tlmorganfield . Soo, ahem. Self-pimpage ended. Go, buy. Support your local publisher.
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Look what came in the mail today! The new Realms of Fantasy with a story by our very own Aliette de Bodard (aliettedb). Can't wait to read this issue. Congrats, Aliette! (Yes, you can see her name in the pic under "New Fiction."

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Still haven't purchased the premiere, #1 Issue of Shock Totem (Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted)?  Well, don't despair!  Issue #1 is on sale through Halloween!  This is your chance to read stories by T L Morganfield, Jennifer Pelland, Mercedes M Yardley, Les Berkley, Don D'Ammassa, Pam L Wallace, David Niall Wilson, Brian Rappatta, Kurt Newton, K Allen Wood, Michelle Howarth and conversations with William Ollie, Alan Robert (Life of Agony, Spoiler NYC), and the legendary John Skipp.

From the mouth of Ken Wood himself:  A few times recently we've offered issue #1 at a 40% discount and it's done well. Usually we've only done the sale for a few hours, but we're extending it through Halloween this time (likely longer, too, perhaps through Sunday or Monday). It's an excellent deal ($3.59 per issue).
You have to go through our store ( and checkout using the code HEBMPP5L. Once you apply the code, the discount will appear.


Shock Totem has been excellent to work with, I can't say enough about Ken's spirit and dedication.  It's important we support markets like this -- and keep supporting them, so they don't disappear!  I think you'll be pleased with the quality of the magazine. 


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Dame, a buddy from Liberty Hall, has a really cool flash story up at Flash Fiction Online.  You know, it's a flash, so it only takes a few minutes to read, and I guarantee you'll really like this one.  So drop on over to FFO and give "The Door" by Damon Shaw a read.  You won't be sorry!

Flash Fiction Online

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When I read on Jim Van Pelt's - [ profile] jimvanpelt - blog that he was offering AUP copies of his collection, "The Radio Magician and Other Stories", I was ecstatic that I happened along soon enough to score myself a copy.  I'd read the short story "The Radio Magician" in Realms of Fantasy's February 2009 issue, loved it, and knew I wanted to read more of Jim's stories.  I wasn't disappointed.  One thing I liked about this collection was the diversity of the nineteen stories.  None came in a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter mold.  Most were Science Fiction, and while I personally prefer Fantasy stories, I find Jim's stories well to my liking.  I like SF stories that rely on "magical" happenings and events--a touch of fantasy, if you will. 


Nineteen stories that will keep you entertained and give the reader plenty to think about.  Most stories raise an ethical question of some kind, without offering answers or solutions.  The characters are thoughtfully developed, and I truly cared about each and every one of them, which I think speaks of the author's ability to make each one seem real.  It's a hard line to walk to keep a character sympathetic without coming across too heavy.  I highly recommend this collection.  Nineteen great stories that give a great diversity of reading experiences, all thoughtful and thought-provoking.  Rather than list each and every story, I think I'll just list some of my favorites.


"The Radio Magician" is why I wanted to read this collection in the first place.  I read this story in Realms of Fantasy, and it charmed me beyond measure.  It's a heart-warming story about a boy's fear for his own future and how he finds the bravery to move forward despite it.  I can't say enough good things about this story.  It sucked me in and kept me entranced and desperate for good things to come for our little hero.


"Where Did You Come From?  Where Did You Go?" - Olivia knew she was going to have a bad day, but she couldn't have imagined a substitute teacher who might or might no be certifiable.  Thought provoking story about choices and free will.  Would you destroy evil if it meant you also destroyed something good at the same time?  What would you choose?  No judgments were given here, just offering up possibilities.


"Different Worlds" - Jenny's dad is hurt.  Jenny, only 10 years old, tries to make it through alien-patrolled streets across town to the hospital with the help of her dog, Robbie.  A story of a little girl's courage and love; devotion between girl and dog; and a question of the ethics of keeping pets and our responsibility towards them.  I liked Jenny a lot.  This was a well done character study. 


"The Small Astral Object Genius" - Dustin has a PeekaBoo device.  Does it really vanish and travel to distant galaxies, taking pictures and searching for alien worlds?  Dustin's mom and dad peek in on him now and then, but they are distracted by their marriage woes and leave him on his own to listen to the silence in the house.  This story speaks to that little spark within each of us that wants to discover the next big thing, that wants to make the world--and our own lives--a better place.  Are we alone in the universe and in our own homes?


"Tiny Voices" - A story about new life and impending death, inanimate objects made to "live" with sentient chips.  Because they have a voice, does that mean they're alive?  And is a person without a voice dead? 


"Echoing" - Laird is trying to get home for Christmas, but his semitruck is lost in a snowstorm.  Commander Tremaine wakes from a long sleep to find his spaceship off course, hurtling through the stars.  Brianna is lost in a full house, closed into her father's study, a half bottle of pills already in her stomach, while the Christmas party goes on in the other room.  What if each one were connected somehow and could save the others? Hurtling through the stars, traveling across time and the universe, seeing glimpses of other lives, and how it all comes together in the end. 


"Ice Cream Man" - Keegan drives an ice cream truck through the shambles of neighborhoods, serving ice cream to adults who bring him scavenged goods in exchange for ammo for protection against the mutoid monsters.  Everyone wonders how Keegan can make ice cream without cows or electricity, and where he gets all the ammo.  This post apocalyptic story raises the question of who the real monsters are, and judging on appearances. 


"The Last Age Should Know Your Heart" - Marvell wakes from sleep mode with only six minutes to do what he can on the aging power grid before he has to power down again.  But he wants to see Three Andrea.  He recites poetry, long stored in his memory banks.  This was bittersweet, a tale about the end of the world, devices left in place and now without purpose.  Who would have thought even an aging work drone can have a heart?


I guess by now you're getting the impression that it's hard for me to pick a favorite.  I could have easily listed seven or more other stories.  I liked them all, and that's not just empty words to entice you into buying the book.  As I read through my comments on each story to pick which ones to post about, I realized that it was hard to leave any of them out.  But if I related the plot of each and every story here, you'd not have reason to run over to Amazon and purchase Jim's book.  And I wouldn't want to do that.  So I've resorted to just a small sampling and encourage you to see the rest for yourself.  You won't regret it. 

Please visit his website here:  James Van Pelt
Amazon listing here:  Radio Magician and Other Stories

Here's a short sampling of the rest of the stories.

"One Day" - Redmond wakes up from coldsleep to find his brother Grant's sleep pod empty and still warm.  So proceeds a cat and mouse chase, brothers at odds, but in the end, can they destroy each other?  Or have they already?

"Where and When" - Jake and Martin activate Brownson's time device and travel back in time--only to find themselves aboard the ill-fated zeppelin, the Hindenburg.  They escape with only seconds to spare.  In their next time jump, they find themselves on Martinique, two minutes before the volcano explodes.

"Lashwanda at the End" The planet Papaver is trying to kill the human explorers.  It's already stolen their  water. 

"The Light of a Thousand Suns" - A security mall cop notices a trailer out in the back lot with a few people lined up outside.  Was it there earlier?  What he discovers inside is disturbing, to say the least.  This story gave me a chill with its message.

"Of Late I Dreamed Of Venus" - Elizabeth plans to remake Venus into a new and improved Earth.  In trying to seek perfection and control, she finds nothing is ever perfect and only when one loses control can one find true beauty.

"One Day in the Middle of the Night" - A brother wakes from coldsleep to find his brother's sleep pod is empty, but still warm. so proceeds a cat and mouse chase, and  brothers at odds.

"The Inn at Mount Either" A inn at the hub of alternate realities, where long hallways can take you someplace else.  So what happens when one becomes lost somewhere else? 

"Sacrifice" Jermone and Cynda are chose for the ritual, but Cynda has doubts about the gods, and whether the old abandoned rusty buildings are truly the homes of the gods.

"The Boy Behind the Gate" A father searches for his kidnapped son in old abandoned mines.  Two stories, two times, collide here in a heartbreaking story.

"Origin of the Species" Romulus's father tells him everyone is descended from mythological creatures which explains a lot about why his dad disappears on full moons, and why Smells are particularly enticing to Romulus--especially Fay's.  This tale doesn't take the normal route, and is poignant and sweet.

"Saturn Ring Blues" Ring racing in a buglighter, Virgil wants Elinor, but she's focused on racing.  How far will he go trying to rescue her from a mishap?

"How Music Begins" A busload of high school band students is captured by aliens.  How they band (pun intended by me) together and keep order, even after so many years, this is a sweet tale and I really enjoyed this one.  It was another of my favorites

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Friend Pimpage!!!!

Catherine J Gardner, or as she's knows on [ profile] catephoenix reports:  My chapbook, The Sour Aftertaste of Olive Lemon, is now available for purchase at Bucket 'O' Guts for $6 incl shipping & handling in the US (payable via paypal).

I love the title, and think it's so intriguing.  The chapbook is available for purchase at the Bucket 'O' Guts website.

For Fun Stuff, Cate is offering bookmarks and a contest to win prizes over at her blog.  So go, enjoy!  Cate's LJ Post  .
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I just received news that the premiere issue of Shock Totem is also available on Amazon! 

Um, if I may be allowed just a moment of squee-ing, you can actually search for my name on Amazon.  Well, it feels impressive to me!

Go here if you're looking to buy or browse:  AMAZON LISTING FOR SHOCK TOTEM  

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Those of you who have anxiously awaited the launch of the new magazine, Shock Totem, await no more!  The website is live -- and gorgeous!  Go take a look!  Go on, you know you want to. 

Shock Totem

And issue #1 is available for purchase, for only the measly amount of $5.99, you can own your very own copy! 

And yes, I *do* happen to have a story appearing within those very pages. "Below the Surface" is a dark fantasy story with a tinge of horrorful happenings.  And my fellow flister [ profile] tlmorganfield 
has the lead story, "The Music Box."

I think this is going to be an awesome magazine.  Ken has been more than pleasant to work with as an editor.  He's kept us informed with regular updates all through the process of launch.  I'm really pleased and can't wait for my contributor's copy.  For those of you going to NECON, free issues will be handed out. 

Seriously, I hope you support Shock Totem.  I know Ken is dedicated to its success.  I think they're still closed to submissions, but trust me, you definitely want to be part of this.  

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My story, "Willful Steel" is included in the July-Sept Issue of Lorelei Signal. And the artwork by Lee Kuruganti is awesome!  If you've time, go take a look!  There's also stories by two other Liberty Hall friends: 
Plague Chalice - Christine Lucas
A Celebration in Blue Silk - C.L. Holland

Go, LH'ers!

Oh!  And apparently you can vote for your favorite story, if you're so inclined. 

Willful Steel
Teaser: Soul trapped in a sword, Ameena meets up with the wizard who trapped her there, but does the
warrior carrying her have the skill to defeat him?

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Shock Totem's Premiere Issue will be -- well, premiering soon!  July 2009.  The artwork is so gorgeous, and the website is going to be awesome too.  I'll let you know as soon as that goes live.  But for now, please enjoy the cover artwork and the final TOC (of which I am, yes, very proud to be part of!)

Here is the final TOC:
The Music Box, by T.L. Morganfield
Til Death Do Us Part, by Jennifer Pelland
One Foot in Darkness: An interview with John Skipp, by John Boden
Murder For Beginners, by Mercedes M. Yardley
First Light, by Les Berkley
No Superheroes Here: An interview with Alan Robert, by K. Allen Wood
Complexity, by Don D’Ammassa
Mulligan Stew, by Brian Rosenberger
Strange Goods and Other Oddities (Reviews)
Below The Surface, by Pam L. Wallace
Slider, by David Niall Wilson
On a Hellish Road: An interview with William Ollie, by Michell Howarth
The Dead March, by Brian Rappatta
Thirty-Two Scenes From a Dead Hooker’s Mouth, by Kurt Newton
Howling Through the Keyhole (Author Notes)


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