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I've got a story at market that's gone a day or two beyond their pretty-consistent form rejection time.  I'm trying not to obsess over it or check Duotrope fourteen times a day.  Actually, I'd like to not check Duotrope at all.  But it's difficult.  Good thing I've got a bunch of errands and chores to get done today.  *leaving, but NOT checking that-website-that-is-here-and-now-unnamed*
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Forgive me, for I have Duotroped.  I gave in to temptation and have peeked at the What's New page -- several times.  But I'm not obsessing over it.  I'm only looking every couple of days, and not fifteen times during the course of each day.  Of course, all addictions start out small and manageable, don't they?  :-)

One of my red entries came back rejected.  But the longest one is still there.  I HAD to go look to see if there are longer subs than mine out.  There is, but it's over a year (and I KNOW it wasn't there last time I looked -- how does that happen?) and is probably a lost email on that one, I would guess.  But since it's so out there, it gives me no perspective at all.  I did see there have been a couple of rejections lately at this market fairly close to the length of mine.  And the market is now closed, so I assume they've done that to catch up on subs.  So I'm not going to query, even though it's double the amount of "normal" time.  Every time I've queried, it's turned out to be bad news in the end, so nope, not going to, especially now that the market has closed temporarily.  Argh, the waiting.  (it's 150+ days now.)  
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I did it!  I have 10 subs out.  I'm still counting WotF, even though I know that's a rejection, but that gives me a week or so probably to get another story ready to sub.  Actually, that story is going right back out.  I feel so accomplished having 10 stories out at once.  Now to keep that number as steady as I can.  I still have 2 stories in the red, and another that *should* be in the red, but officially it's not, although it's over it's reading time.  Anyone else notice how long the markets are taking?  I imagine it's the quality of subs out there flooding them. 

Hey, have you ever written a story using the POV of the opposite gender and wonder if you pulled it off?  Now there's a definitive answer!  Wonder no more!  Just cut and paste your text into the Gender Genie!  I'm happy to know that the story I have written from a male POV has a slightly higher Male Score than Female.  :-D

WotF reply

Mar. 13th, 2009 04:16 pm
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So I received notice yesterday that my story received an Honorable Mention in WotF 1st Quarter.  Which is nice, but at the risk of sounding like a whining baby, I'll say:  I wanted MORE damn it.   It is, after all, still a reject.  This is my third Honorable Mention, I was pleased as punch with the other two.  Now to go search for a market for this story.

I keep forgetting to use tags on my entries.  

At the beach.  Beautitul weather. 


Nov. 8th, 2008 02:07 pm
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Three rejections in the last couple weeks:

Clarkesworld for Urban Renewal on 10/19
Rage of the Behemoth for Listening to the Wind on 11/2
F&SF for Safe Place on 11/5/08

Clarkesworld was a form reject. Rage was a personal reject that stung a little, he didn't care about the character or her thoughts. F&SF was a form/personal I guess -- apparently I write well, but the story didn't grab her interest.

I compensated with lots of chocolate.

I still have 3 stories out there, plus a pending sale that I'm still not announcing until there's a contract in hand. 1 story is at Baen's, passed upwards and going on 4 months now, another at Coyote Wild, and a short flash at Necrotic Tissue. Besides the three returned that need to go out, I have another three stories finished that need to be subbed/revised/subbed/whatever, that I haven't been able to get to. Oh, and another four stories from Flash Challenges at Liberty Hall that I should see if I can work into some kind of shape for subbing. There is not enough time in the month, let alone each day, for all of this.


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