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 Yes, Shimmer magazine is one of my favorite sources for spec fic short stories.  I would love to be published by them one day, but since I'm now on staff there as an "Associate Editor" AKA "slush reader," I am disallowed from subbmitting.  But that's okay, it's good news for those of you who are able to sub there.  Here, from Shimmer's own mouth: 

We’ve always believed the fiction we publish at Shimmer can stand with the best. And we’ve always thought it was worth a lot more than we were able to pay for it. Today, we’re taking a big step toward paying our authors what we think their stories are worth.

I am delighted to announce that we’re raising our pay rate for fiction from 1 cent a word to 3 cents a word, beginning with Issue 16. (Authors already under contract for Issue 16 will be recontracted at the higher rate. I’m sure they won’t mind.)

From here, it’s just one short step to pro rates. This is the golden age of the independent press, and we will thrive.

We’re also increasing the size of each issue by about 50%, so there’ll be even more Shimmery goodness for our readers. (Why not subscribe right now, before the price goes up?)

There's also plans for a "Best of" anthology, a YA special edition, and novellas and novelettes.  Read More HERE

For those of you not familiar with Shimmer, most of the fiction is contemporary fantasy, and I'd say it has a literary bent.  But the best thing about the stories, I feel, is the "Shimmery" voice.  It's hard to describe, but you know it when you hear it.  You can buy a Kindle edition of Issue 14, if you'd like to give it a try.  Available at the link above.
(shimmerzine (dot) com)

And please, share the news!


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