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Released from Captivity!  Issue 52 of ASIM - Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, availiable at the ASIM website

David Kernot edited Issue 52 and amassed a wonderful collection of 19 modern Australian and overseas speculative fiction selections from the following authors: Sean Monaghan, Dominik J Parisien, Nicky Drayden, Kathleen Jennings, Brenda Anderson, Felicity Pulman, Liz Colter, Ray Tabler, Melanie Typaldos, Linda Jenner, Rachel Kolar, GR McLeod, LK Pinaire, Margaret Karmazin, Pam L Wallace, David Conyers and John Goodrich, Peter Cooper, Natalie Nikolovski, and Ken Liu.

Poetry is from Alexandra Seidel and Jack Horne. ASIM’s own Jacob Edwards presented some of the best features seen, and artwork is from David Conyers, Kathleen Jennings and Olivia Kernot.

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So,according to David Kernot, editor of ASIM 52, it's official!  Lookie here!

My story, "Taking Care" will be appearing. 

The issue is said to be going to printers in about 3 weeks, so will be out sometime in Sept.  Yay.  More details to follow
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Well, sometime back I announced a sale that I was very excited about, but that I wasn't going to name names until I had a contract in hand.  Um, contract is still not in hand, but I've been assured by the editor that it's coming.  Actually, I came to this post with every intention of announcing the market's name.  But I'm hearing this little voice whispering in my ear that if I do, I'll jinx the whole thing somehow.  Even though the editor has already set up the issue, so it'd be a major pain to decide they made a mistake and don't want my story after all.  But you know how insecure I am about things like this.  So...I'm chickening out.  Let's just say it's a fairly well-respected semi pro market from a country other than my own and it starts with the letter "A." 

My story, "Taking Care" will appear in the September issue.  I'm really excited.  The story debuted as Liberty Hall flash #174 as "A Place Called Home".  Thanks to [ profile] kara_gnome , [ profile] damonshaw , and strangebehavior for crits!  I wrote it as a prequel to another story that is now known as "Redemption" and is yet to have a home, although I do believe, thanks to [ profile] nancyfulda , that it has reached final revision stage and has now begun its search for Home.  
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I've been informed by one of the greatest editor-guys EVAH, Mr. Ken Burns, that Issue #1 of Shock Totem is now available in e-reader format for only $1.99.  Why yes, there is a story by Yours Truly in this issue.  You can read his post on the Shock Totem website.  Or here:

Our debut issue is now available on the Kindle through, and You can also download the .mobi and .epub versions from Drive-Thru Horror. If you have a Nook, Barnes & Noble is your ticket.

Other online digital retailers will follow, as well as the other issues, including our upcoming issue #4.

The digital version is available for $1.99. Visit our Shock Totem Digital page for more details.

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I'm pleased to announce my story, "Fighter's Heart" is now available in Golden Visions Magazine -- the print version, Issue 13, Winter, 2011

It's available HERE -- scroll down the page for the print version, which is also available as a PDF for only $2.50!  Woohoo! 
Oh, and btw, I publish as Pam L. Wallace, not musingaloud!  Harhar!

Since I'm on the subject of me, I also saw a review of the October issue of Daily Science Fiction, which contained my story, "Memory Boxes".  The reviewer calls it a "nice piece", and also says that “Memory Boxes is heart-warming but thin”  To which I'll agree, as far as the "thin" goes, but it was written as a flash piece, so I was keeping the word count under 1k.  Anyway, should you care to read the review, you can find it HERE
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OMG!  I've had THREE!!!! -- yes, count them, THREE!!!! -- pieces of awesome news since Friday that have me on top of the world.  One would have been just awesome by itself, but all three put together have me absolutely walking on air.  Pardon my exuberance, I feel like a fangirl squeeful of giggly.

On Friday I had another CT scan and my diverticulitis infection appears to be settled.  I thought I was going to have to go through another course of those antibiotics that end up only making me sicker.  That was awesome in itself, especially given the headaches and hassles I went through that day waiting for insurance approval because the Dr. wanted it done before 5 pm.  

Then last night (after a busy day of tamale making!) I returned home to find an email from Jeanne Cavalos of Odyssey Writing Workshop.  No, I didn't apply for the 6 wk course, I just can't do that.  But for what I believe is the first time ever, they are running some online classes during January and Febuary.  I applied for the 3-Act Structure in Fantastic Fiction course.  I was ACCEPTED!  I am so excited about this opportunity to learn more skills.  *dancing on air* over this one.  More info on those classes can be found at the Odyssey site.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank once again the most awesome editor EVER!!! -- K. Allen Wood of Shock Totem fame.  He has been so supportive and caring.  And he's just a fun guy, too.  He was one of the references I used in the Odyssey Online Class application, and he has enthusiastically supported and encouraged me.  Please support his fine magazine, he certainly deserves accolades himself for all the hard work and enthusiasm.

This morning came my 3rd bit of goodness.  It seems I may end up published at long last in ASIM!!!!  I've had about 3 stories held to final round, but never taken.  It appears they are considering one.  I've had a conditional acceptance.  The editor still needs to go over the story and may ask for rewrites, etc, which could affect the acceptance of the final story.  So I'll keep my fingers crossed on this one until the contract is in the mail.  But to say I'm excited would be an understatement of the first magnitude.

I think I'll just float off into space now.  I'm pretty sure my feet won't be touching the ground all day.
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For those of you who are not email subscribers to Daily Science Fiction, my story, "Memory Boxes" has been posted at the website.  It was the featured story yesterday, and is now available under the "Recent Stories" tab.  Or HERE
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If you're a subscriber to Daily Science Fiction, perhaps you noticed a story in your inbox this morning titled, "Memory Boxes"?  That would be mine!  I hope you enjoy it.  And if you're not a subscriber, then I think it will be available on the website next week.  Daily Science Fiction has been a dream to work with, and I'm very pleased they accepted this story.
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Just received an email from the uber-great editor of Shock Totem, Ken Woods. And I quote:
Just wanted to give you a heads-up that we've got issue #1 on sale again. It's 40% off if you use our store or Paypal. You can read a bit more about it here: Please share this info, if you know anyone who'd be interested.
Otherwise, I hope your holidays are filled with "an infinity of awesome." =) As you may or may not know, not only does this fine premier edition of what is bound to be an excellent horror mag, contain my story, Below the Surface, but also the lead story by fellow flister [ profile] tlmorganfield . Soo, ahem. Self-pimpage ended. Go, buy. Support your local publisher.
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I just received news that the premiere issue of Shock Totem is also available on Amazon! 

Um, if I may be allowed just a moment of squee-ing, you can actually search for my name on Amazon.  Well, it feels impressive to me!

Go here if you're looking to buy or browse:  AMAZON LISTING FOR SHOCK TOTEM  

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Those of you who have anxiously awaited the launch of the new magazine, Shock Totem, await no more!  The website is live -- and gorgeous!  Go take a look!  Go on, you know you want to. 

Shock Totem

And issue #1 is available for purchase, for only the measly amount of $5.99, you can own your very own copy! 

And yes, I *do* happen to have a story appearing within those very pages. "Below the Surface" is a dark fantasy story with a tinge of horrorful happenings.  And my fellow flister [ profile] tlmorganfield 
has the lead story, "The Music Box."

I think this is going to be an awesome magazine.  Ken has been more than pleasant to work with as an editor.  He's kept us informed with regular updates all through the process of launch.  I'm really pleased and can't wait for my contributor's copy.  For those of you going to NECON, free issues will be handed out. 

Seriously, I hope you support Shock Totem.  I know Ken is dedicated to its success.  I think they're still closed to submissions, but trust me, you definitely want to be part of this.  

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My story, "Willful Steel" is included in the July-Sept Issue of Lorelei Signal. And the artwork by Lee Kuruganti is awesome!  If you've time, go take a look!  There's also stories by two other Liberty Hall friends: 
Plague Chalice - Christine Lucas
A Celebration in Blue Silk - C.L. Holland

Go, LH'ers!

Oh!  And apparently you can vote for your favorite story, if you're so inclined. 

Willful Steel
Teaser: Soul trapped in a sword, Ameena meets up with the wizard who trapped her there, but does the
warrior carrying her have the skill to defeat him?

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Shock Totem's Premiere Issue will be -- well, premiering soon!  July 2009.  The artwork is so gorgeous, and the website is going to be awesome too.  I'll let you know as soon as that goes live.  But for now, please enjoy the cover artwork and the final TOC (of which I am, yes, very proud to be part of!)

Here is the final TOC:
The Music Box, by T.L. Morganfield
Til Death Do Us Part, by Jennifer Pelland
One Foot in Darkness: An interview with John Skipp, by John Boden
Murder For Beginners, by Mercedes M. Yardley
First Light, by Les Berkley
No Superheroes Here: An interview with Alan Robert, by K. Allen Wood
Complexity, by Don D’Ammassa
Mulligan Stew, by Brian Rosenberger
Strange Goods and Other Oddities (Reviews)
Below The Surface, by Pam L. Wallace
Slider, by David Niall Wilson
On a Hellish Road: An interview with William Ollie, by Michell Howarth
The Dead March, by Brian Rappatta
Thirty-Two Scenes From a Dead Hooker’s Mouth, by Kurt Newton
Howling Through the Keyhole (Author Notes)

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I was expecting it, truly I was.  An 8-day reject from F&SF -- "didn't grab" for "Shasta on Seriova."  It was a long shot.  That came in the mail today. 

Then I opened my email tonight to find out my flash story, "Potion Woes" has been accepted by Everyday Fiction.  No notice yet on when it'll be published.  This was a story I wrote for a flash challenge at Liberty Hall, so 90 minutes to a story that's going to be published isn't too bed, eh?  Well, I did revise it a time or two, mainly trying to get the word count down so I could sub it as a flash. 

We're keeping the grandbaby overnight.  He got here about 3:30 and we had a good afternoon and now he's in bed, sleeping with his arm around his Mickey Mouse.  Cuteness, indeed, my chubby-cheeked grandbaby. 


Oct. 15th, 2008 08:45 pm
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My story, "Kenny's Guardian Angel" is this month's featured fiction at From The Asylum

Yay!  Kenny is a bit of an eccentric.  Well, maybe more than just a bit.  But really, it's not his fault.

Go check it out.  You know you want to.  If you hate it, I don't wanna hear about it.  No, not true.  I can take it.  I don't punch too hard.

This was actually a Very Good end to a Very Bad day.


Jun. 15th, 2008 06:25 pm
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Came home to a nice email announcing my short story, "Light Through Darkness" is now in print at Mindflights.

This is the 4th story that the fine folks at DEP have published, the other three at The Sword Review, which melded along with its sister publication, Dragons, Knights & Angels into Mindflights.  They're great people to work with, and I appreciate them giving me an opportunity.

I will confess this story is an older one.  I wrote it probably 2 years ago.  Even though I did re-read it and decide it publication-worthy before subbing it, after I read the final proof, I saw a multitude of things I would change.  So keep that in mind if you read it, and don't judge me too harshly.  It's been a story that has tugged on my heartstrings since first I wrote it, although I confess it's been misunderstood by others on occasion.  But still, Sulina is close to my heart. 

We went to Lake Tahoe to celebrate our *30th* wedding anniversary.  Yes, the mighty hubby has put up with my nonsense for that many years.  He's a saint, what can I say.  More details later perhaps.  It was a nice relaxing vacation and I didn't do much of anything except gamble and read.
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A story was accepted for publication in an anthology a couple years ago.  Still not published.  Small publishing company that is now having money woes.  Publisher claims anthology is still on the green light.  But.  I'm thinking this will eventually collapse.  I certainly hope not.  But.  As far as I know, none of the other authors are withdrawing stories yet.  I counted this sale as one of my bigger sales, I was so excited.  And now to see nothing happen is disappointing, to say the least.

Another story was accepted last October.  I signed and mailed the contracts.  I've yet to receive my signed contract from the publisher.  I queried in Feb., and was told the story was on track to be published in May.  In April I checked the website, and stories from Feb. were still up.  That wasn't looking too good.  Finally, a combined March/April issue went up.  I checked just the other day, now a note is up onsite stating they are taking a break until July.  That's worrisome, given the state of small markets.  It's disappointing because that story got several personal replies in its rejections, and then finally found a market that "got" it.  Yay!  And now?  Ummm... maybe eventually a Yay? 

This waiting game of the publishing business is .... slow and disappointing and frustrating ... and all part of the game I suppose. 
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Want to get a deal on some great books and help support a small press?  Go visit Fantasist Enterprises!  They're having a -- dare I say -- FANTASTIC sale on their anthologies.  Several people I know are listed in the ToC's of these anthologies.  And I'm slated to be in one of them:  Blood and Devotion:  Epic Tales of Fantasy -- if all goes well financially.  So please help!  Besides, you've been decrying the dearth of good-to-read anthologies, haven't ya?

Email from the editor of Fantasist Enterprises

When I started Fantasist Enterprises almost ten years ago, I had 
three major goals in mind: 1) Create new markets for short fantasy
fiction. 2) Help re-grow the popularity of the short story as a
literary form. 3) Bring illustrations back to literature in the
artistic marriage that the Pre-Raphaelites so championed.

I've certainly learned a lot since those early days, in respect to
writing and editing, art directing, and running a publishing company.
I've also met numerous friends, mentors, and students over the years--
something that is infinitely valuable. It has been a joy to work with
so many talented writers and artists.

Now FE and I need your help. We need to raise awareness of the
company and sell more books and art in order to complete our upcoming
projects and break exciting new ground in the genre. You can help us
reach our goal in many ways.

1) Spread the Word . . .

. . . through your own words: If you have read our books and enjoyed
them, please recommend them to your friends. Consider posting reviews
on,, and anywhere else that book
reviews are welcome.

. . . with banners: Add a little visual flair to your website, blog,
or MySpace/FaceBook page with FE banners. Go to for directions on
how to add them to your page.

. . . by wearing T-Shirts: Want some FE art on your person? Then
check out our T-shirts at

2) Buy a Book or Art

Buy an FE book through your favorite book retailer or direct from us
at, where we are running some specials for a limited
time (see below). The stunning art found in our books is available
exclusively on our website.

DEAL #1: While supplies last, purchase both FANTASTICAL VISIONS I &
II for a total of $12.00.

Yes, FE and I were still cutting our teeth on those publications, but
there are some memorable stories to be found within their pages. And
soon, they'll be collector's items!

DEAL #2: Purchase both CLOAKED IN SHADOW & MODERN MAGIC for a total
of $24.75.


All deals are listed at

I definitely appreciate anything you can do to help us continue our
mission to provide quality, illustrated fantasy fiction.

With many thanks,
W. H. Horner
Publisher / Editor-in-Chief
Fantasist Enterprises

Fantasist Enterprises
 great sale
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I just received an email with the happy news that my short story, "Kenny's Guardian Angel" has been accepted by From the Asylum!  It's a fitting venue, because although I'm quite fond of Kenny, he's actually just a tad unhinged-- not that it's his fault, of course. 

It's been a long dry spell since my last acceptance letter.  Almost a year. 

*does the happy dance*

I'd really love it if this was the beginning of a new trend for me, cause all those rejections were starting to eat my skin away.  The only bad thing is that I haven't a lot of stories finished, due to my time constraints now with the baby-sitting.   Aw, don't listen to me, in actuality it's nothing but laziness and more laziness.  

To keep my feet firmly rooted in the mire, I also received a rejection today.  And I'm afraid it signals the end of that story.  The concept of the story is one that I *really* like, but it keeps drawing the same comments, so I'm afraid I have to accept that there's a fundamental flaw, that being that the POV character is not engaging at all.  Possible that I can re-do it and keep the basic story.  But for now the story's going into hibernation.

But still, the acceptance trumps the rejection and takes the sting away--that and the fact that I accept the feedback as true.  I'll focus on the acceptance comment:  "Thanks for a wonderful piece!"

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I'm pleased to announce:  

'Surreal Imaginings' is available to buy from the Baysgarth Publications website here:

A chapbook anthology of mild horror and fantasy from authors Michael Stone, Pam L. Wallace, Gerard Brennan, J.J. Beazley, Berrien C. Henderson and Bram Stoker Award-finalist, Gene O'Neill.

Includes the stories 'Dance of the Blue Lady', 'Mirror/rorriM', 'The Four Hundred and Twenty-three', 'Garden Warfare', 'The Tenant in the Tower' and 'Uroboros'.

Err, yes, that would be me, sandwiched between your two other LJ mates, the fine 

[profile] mylefteyeand the equally fine  [profile] gerardbrennan.  Lucky girl, that's me!

Unfortunately I haven't had time yet to read the other stories.  But I'm sure, seeing as the illustrious company we're all keeping, that they're the most marvelous stories every written.  Yeah.  I started to read it today in the doctor's waiting room, but wouldn't you know it, the guy was actually on time.  So I only got 2 pages into the book.  And then I came home to do some surfing.

But yeah, you should line up to buy "Surreal Imaginings" before it goes quick!  HURRY!  What are you waiting for? 




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