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Bet ya didn't even miss me!  I was at the coast for 10 glorious days.  Well, except for about 8 hours when we drove home, did some laundry, went to a TBall game, and drove back.  We were going to spend the night at home but Son and DiL and grandkiddies decided to come to the coast for Memorial Day, so we headed on back and had a great time except it was a little too windy for much beach play, but the grandkiddies had a good time at the park instead.  And then they went home and hubby and I relaxed for a few days until his buddy came over to get married and we were busy with them for 2 1/2 days.  So, the 10 days went really fast.

And we missed the 100+ degree weather and it was only 70 today.  Yep, 30 degree drop in 3 days.  Last night we had a dust storm due to high winds and (shades of Dust Bowl!) dry soil due to not enough water to plant the fields. 

And, in those 10 days, the 2-yr-old grandson has learned to speak full sentences.  It's so cute to watch him concentrate on the words, he's learned about pronouns, too.  He's a darlin', he is.  Today I made him a Lego helicopter, and he pronounces is heliedocder.  It's the cutest thing. 
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Yes, I've been oh so bad.  I haven't posted in almost a week.  I've written no new words.  I didn't even clean my house or cook much. Looking back on my week, even I wonder what the heck I was doing!  But I was busy, really I was.  Next week, back on the treadmill.  And we finally get to go back to the coast.
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So here's a kind of funny thing that happened in our family due to Facebook.  My brother's ex-mother-in-law passed away over the weekend (it's ok, she was "ready" and was 95).  My niece posted on Facebook (found this out much later) that her grandmother had died, without specifying *which* grandmother it was (she called both my mom and her mom's mother the same nickname).  So a cousin's daughter up in Canada, who is about the same age as my niece, went to the same high school, but not necessarily "friends" are now -- apparently -- facebook friends.  The cousin's daughter sees the post and thinks, OMG, it's mom's aunt (my mother and my niece's "other" grandmother) who's died.  Phone calls ensue, apparently, and complicated by it's now running later in the evening and entering nighttime, and time zone changes, and that the cousin's mother (who she called to confirm/deny) was in Florida on the way back to CA and about to get on the plane, hence making her then un-reachable by phone.  I am alerted to the "problem" by a friend of my cousin, who I assure that my mother is just fine, however, she's unclear how the information got to my cousin to begin with, so doesn't know who, if anyone, she should call since my cousin is now on the plane and not due to get home until really late/early in the AM.  So we laugh it off and she'll take care of it tomorrow.  The next morning, I get a phone call from my cousin's son's wife (who I *never* talk to except every 5 years or so at some distant relative's funeral).  I'm really not thinking about the mixup, because I don't know how/where/who has what information, all I'm wondering is why the heck she is calling me.  And all she says is, "How are you?"  "Fine," I answer, still wondering what she wants.  Silence.  Then she mumbles, "Sorry."  "Huh?"  I ask, not really understanding her.  She hems and haws and repeats, and finally it dawns on me what's going on.  "Wait, wait, are you calling about my mother?"  "Yes, I'm so sorry!"  Ack.  No, everything is fine.  I explain, but she doesn't even know who got what info where, apparently messages were being left all over the country.  But she's relieved, MUCH relieved.  Later, I call my brother to let him know if he gets any sympathy calls, he better check and make sure they're sympathizing for the right person, but he knows all about it and the Facebook connection comes out. 

So.  People.  Please specify which side of the family you're posting about, before you scare unsuspecting distant family members.  I still don't know how many people were freaking out and sad over the loss of my mother.  It's kind of funny, I was laughing about it.  But I do feel badly for those that were needlessly saddened. 
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I must say, I love looking over at the "posting" calendar on my blog and seeing each day marked.  So, even though Sundays are a "day off" in the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I've decided to post today anyway.  Even though it is Easter, and as you read this, I am actually cooking and visiting and chasing after grandkids on their Easter egg hunt.  Geez, I love this scheduled posting thing!  So yeah, today is Easter, and as usual, the whole family is here at my house.  Probably 17?  I quit counting at 14--one or two or three more doesn't matter.  We're having ham and potato salad and green salad and jello salad and sweet potatoes and asparagus and rolls and cake and ice cream.  And that's not counting the appetizers -- shrimp and spinach dip and bean-layered dip and deviled eggs, and yeah, the family does like to eat.  And I love to have them all here and for us all to be a family and enjoy each other's company.  We've got four little ones running around now, my son's 2 boys and our niece's daughter and son, and they're stair-stepped down in ages from 5 to 1, so it's going to be blast tomorrow with the egg hunt!  Today we had a birthday party for the 1 yr old great-nephew, and in a minute or so my son is coming over with my 5 yr old grandson to go over to my mother's retirement place for an egg hunt and Easter bunny pictures and more ice cream!  Yesterday we planted the garden and cleaned and ran errands, so yeah, I am pooped!  But no time to rest, not now.  Have a great Easter everyone!  Happy trails to you!


Feb. 23rd, 2012 11:57 am
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I've been expecting a headache today.  Sometime early this morning in a still sleep-induced fog, I dreamed or awoke partly or something, to a weird vision disturbance of rings of rainbow dazzles.  I hoped I was dreaming.  But I was doing ok until I ate and sat down with the computer and found the half-eaten bag of Skittles and couldn't resist finishing them off.  So maybe it's a sugar-induced headache.  Not quite a migraine-level, so I don't want to take a migraine pill, but the ibuprofen hasn't even touched it.  I'm here at the coast after a busy morning/travel day afternoon/last online class yesterday and have caught up on my flist.  The sun is sparkling off the water like a gazillion-trillion diamonds, and all it does it make my eyes hurt.  My headaches seem to be migrating from my right temple into my forehead, which is weird because they don't throb there and it feels like sinus, but what do you do except get through it.  Caffeine isn't helping either, dammit.

Now I must go slushing because I'm behind because of yesterday.  *resolves to not take headache out on Innocent Authors*
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Since today is a holiday, and my daughter-in-law is a public servant, I do not have my grandbaby today.  Which is kind of sad, because Monday is the day I have him all alone, and it's a special day of bonding for us, without him having to fight his older brother for my attention.  We have a nice, calm, day.  And then Tuesday arrives and he turns into a screamer and demander and obstinate 2 yr old.  LOL. 

So I have the whole, delicious day all to myself.  I plan to get a submission in the mail if I can talk my wireless printer into printing without knocking it against the wall a time or two (Ok, so no I'm not violent.  It really just involves having to walk back to the bedroom to turn the printer off.  And then on.  And trying again.  And then restarting the laptop.  And walking back to the .... yes, see how boring that is?), do a read-through of another story to see if it's ready to sub.  Finish reading and critting a story for homework on the Odyssety Online Class, make about 3 or 4 phone calls (ACK!  PHONE CALLS!  MUST HIDE and PROCRASTINATE!), some more desk work, maybe vacuum, go to yoga, and read slush. 

What slush you ask?  Yes, I am now slush reader at Shimmer.  I've been doing it about a week and think I may have a few thoughts now and then on the process.  I've heard it suggested every writer should try their hand at slushing at some point, so I thought, hmmm, maybe I'll give it a try and see what I learn. 

So my free day won't be so free after all, but full of Stuff.  But that's life, right? 
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Our trip to Disneyland with the 5 year old grandson was so much fun.  He was really good and into riding the rides and not as scared as he's been in the past.

Today we went and picked both him and his 2 year old brother up from their daycare.  The 5 yr old is really a shy guy, so imagine my surprise when I watched him give his goodbyes.  It's a small daycare, only 8 or 9 kids, and today he and his brother were the only boys.  He had to go up to all the girls and give them a hug goodbye.  And when two that he really wanted to say goodbye to were playing around and ignoring him, he kept on calling them quite loudly and finally kind of tackled the one girl so he could give her a hug.  Hmmm.  I guess he's going to be a lady's man? 
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I was pointed to an awesome site today.  Ever wonder if that rejection letter you received from Editor X is a form reject or not?  In most cases, it's fairly easy to tell, but some Editors send out such nice letters, I've sometimes felt it was a personal reply, only to learn later that it wasn't.  So wonder no more, the Rejection Wiki is for you!  There's navigation links on the left so you can upload your own if you so desire.  I found out that my Asimov's rejection was a form, but the "higher tier" one, which makes me feel better. 

Curse you, Jack!  I had an awesome yoga workout today, and was overcome halfway through by a longing for a milkshake from Jack in the Box.  So I was going to HAVE to have a greasy taco and french fries to go with it, right?  At the signal, I almost talked myself into going left and going on home for a healthy yogurt and granola bar lunch, but I decided ice cream was more what I needed to indulge myself with, so I went straight.  But the drive through lane was full -- FULL, I tell you! -- and I wasn't desperate enough to get in line.  Dammit.  Grief goes better with ice cream, you know.  Last night we went to Baskin Robbins for $1 scoop night, and it really did soothe.  So, I came on home and consoled myself with a Frito Boat lunch.  There may have been one or two
each of these. 

But it was a poor comparison to a strawberry milkshake with whipped cream topping.  *sigh*

Am doing much better today, although the house seems awful empty.  But at least I know poor Crooked Cat isn't hurting anymore, because in hindsight I see now how truly awful and pathetic he was at the end.  Thank you all for listening. 
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California made national weather news this week because of the "ferocious" storms (which, I'm sure other parts of the country had much more ferocity than us, however, ours has to compare to the mild, spring-type weather we've had all winter, which is VERY BAD), and I have to say, no one around here is complaining.  In fact, most of us are out there with our drums and chants for More Rain, More Rain.  It's the first drops of moisture we've had since late November, and let me tell you, things are DRY around here and this does not bode well for summer.  Hopefully it's been cold enough for the fruit though, because they do need so many hours of "chilling" for a good season (we grow a lot of produce here in the Central Valley). 

But rain it did, and quite a bit, thank goodness, although we're still in deficit for the year, it's not as bad as it was.  But after the rain, comes you-know-what:  the dreaded FOG!  But I'm not going to complain this year, nope, not gonna do it.  Because if we have fog, that means we have moisture in the ground, and that's a good thing.  Even though my son #1 is starting a new job tomorrow which will involve a longer commute on the freeway where fog pile-up accidents are common during winter, I will not complain. Worry, yes.

Crooked cat is loving his wet food.  Loves it so much he waits around his dish all day for more.  Problem is, he only likes the juice and leaves the food behind, so of course it doesn't stick with him long.  But I can't feed him 3 or 4 cans of food a day just for the "gravy" on it.  I tried soaking the food in water and a little bit of olive oil the other day, but he wouldn't touch it.  Picky, he is.  I did go to the store yesterday and get the kind he loves most, a tuna in gravy, and this morning, it was ALL GONE, even the meat.  But he's obviously in a lot of pain, he has to stop every few feet and sit and rest.  We'll see how he goes, I certainly don't want him to suffer from the pain.  And he's not gaining weight back, yet, either.


Apr. 24th, 2011 06:32 pm
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Easter about did me in this year.  Shopping and errands started last Wed.  Friday I spent ALL afternoon out in the yard, filling up all my empty pots and repotting several that were overgrown.  It was so fun, though.  I forget how much I enjoy yard work and puttering about in the garden with flowers.  And what a gorgeous spring we've had this year.  My tulips and daffodils were so pretty.  I should have taken a picture, huh?  The glads are blooming along with the lipstick sage, tomatoes are planted.  Hunter's planted carrots and radishes in his garden again and they've both sprouted.  Time to throw another round of seeds out there for him.  Oh, and my bed of heucheras are all blooming too!  And the alliums.  And the penstemons are budding.

But back to Easter.  Saturday was cleaning all day and then preparing everything I could ahead of time.  Then I spent the night loading my 4G SD disk for my digital photo frame.  But I couldn't get the frame to recognize it.  That took about an hour of trying one thing after another and finally deciding that the frame just is too old to recognize that size of a chip I guess.  I was pooped when I finally crawled into bed, only to get up this morning and realize the thing to do was delete the old pictures stored in the frame's memory and add the new.  But the file was too big.  So I had to delete, first by picking through.  Then it was STILL too large.  So by then, I just randomly deleted til it fit.  But GRRRRRR.  Too much time wasted on what should have been a simple thing.  

But back to Easter.  :-D  I ran out of pilaf today.  Next time I'll have to remember to make a triple batch instead of just double.  I think everyone was hungrier than usual, cause we had a ton of appetizers before dinner.  But there were -- OMG!!!  -- TWENTY people!  Plus 2 babies.   No wonder I ran out of food.  Usually I have right at 14-15.  But everyone showed up today, including the wayward nephew who's hopefully getting his life back on track and now has a wife and stepson.  The house is cleaned up again.  But yeah, tired is I.
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I had every intention of leaving IMMEDIATELY when I got home from my walk, and going to the gym to do weights since I haven't been to said gym for over a week.  But it was still fairly early and so I said, Self, let's just check emails really quick and then we'll go.  To which IDSelf replied, you know you'll stay at it longer than "really quick" -- you should just go now.  But no, I assured myself, just really quick.  But um, first, there's really no emails, so let's check the new postings at LH and oh, yes, we have to vote on Best of Best and well, let's just see how far back our flist goes since I didn't read it yesterday.  AND YIKES!!!! back FOUR pages or more?  How did that happen?  

And now here I am an hour and a half later and still not to the gym and I have lunch in 2 hours so I really need to get going.  But really, LJ has been pretty quiet lately and where did all these posts come from in just one day????  I've lost posts before from going so far back and then taking so long to read that when I go to the next 25 page, the entire flist pages reload and some posts disappear.  But really, I have to get going now or nothing will get accomplished today.  Which is why I find myself in this predicament to begin with.  

I haven't posted much because really nothing much is being accomplished here.  I've been really REALLY lazy and just chilling out.  And wasting way too much time on Spider Solitaire and Bubble Town.  So I have made a resolution.  If I feel like playing a game, I must sit and read instead.  If I'm going to waste time in la-la land, I'd rather do it inside one of the many many books I have staring at me from my TBR shelves.  And yes, shelves in plural, not singular.  If I want to eventually get an ereading device, which I do, I need to get all these physical copy books read first.  And that could take me decades at my current speed. 
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OMG!  I've had THREE!!!! -- yes, count them, THREE!!!! -- pieces of awesome news since Friday that have me on top of the world.  One would have been just awesome by itself, but all three put together have me absolutely walking on air.  Pardon my exuberance, I feel like a fangirl squeeful of giggly.

On Friday I had another CT scan and my diverticulitis infection appears to be settled.  I thought I was going to have to go through another course of those antibiotics that end up only making me sicker.  That was awesome in itself, especially given the headaches and hassles I went through that day waiting for insurance approval because the Dr. wanted it done before 5 pm.  

Then last night (after a busy day of tamale making!) I returned home to find an email from Jeanne Cavalos of Odyssey Writing Workshop.  No, I didn't apply for the 6 wk course, I just can't do that.  But for what I believe is the first time ever, they are running some online classes during January and Febuary.  I applied for the 3-Act Structure in Fantastic Fiction course.  I was ACCEPTED!  I am so excited about this opportunity to learn more skills.  *dancing on air* over this one.  More info on those classes can be found at the Odyssey site.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank once again the most awesome editor EVER!!! -- K. Allen Wood of Shock Totem fame.  He has been so supportive and caring.  And he's just a fun guy, too.  He was one of the references I used in the Odyssey Online Class application, and he has enthusiastically supported and encouraged me.  Please support his fine magazine, he certainly deserves accolades himself for all the hard work and enthusiasm.

This morning came my 3rd bit of goodness.  It seems I may end up published at long last in ASIM!!!!  I've had about 3 stories held to final round, but never taken.  It appears they are considering one.  I've had a conditional acceptance.  The editor still needs to go over the story and may ask for rewrites, etc, which could affect the acceptance of the final story.  So I'll keep my fingers crossed on this one until the contract is in the mail.  But to say I'm excited would be an understatement of the first magnitude.

I think I'll just float off into space now.  I'm pretty sure my feet won't be touching the ground all day.
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I feel like I've been smashed under a rock, with various other boulder sizes chained to my neck.  No energy, no drive.  Blah about everything.  But my energy is starting to return, I've gotten things Done, and overall, the world is starting to look a little brighter.  I've got about 30 tabs opened up on Firefox, links I want to post and such, but I haven't been able to convince myself to actually *do* anything about them yet, but hopefully that will commence now.

I'm pleased to announce my Christmas shopping is Done, Done, DONE!  Well, ok, this morning I remembered my great-nieces and -nephew, but those will be either 2 gift cards/cash and the other one is a 2 yr old who will love anything.  2 yr olds are easy to buy for.  My Christmas cards are DONE!  I think I set a record this year in getting them done early.  I thought about starting last night and didn't procrastinate or anything.  Wow.  A list is made of Other Things that need to be accomplished, but there's really no time pressure involved there.

All this blackness has been caused by illness.  I had a colonoscopy 2 weeks ago.  It's true, what everyone says.  That bad part is the preparation.  When I went in for the procedure itself, they put the medication in my IV, and I remember thinking, Oh crap, here it goes, I'm going to panic and feel really weak and weird (hate that whole "going to sleep" thing), and the next thing I know, they're trying to get me to wake up.  Had a problem getting back afterward though, and ended up sleeping all day long.  What complicates it for me is that not eating always makes me so sick I then *can't* eat, and that proved true.  And then the put me on 2 heavy-duty antibiotics, one of which made me sick as a dog and again, couldn't eat.  Couldn't sleep.  Have 4 nights of 2-3 hrs sleep.  But those are finally over with and I'm on a lesser-duty antibiotic that's almost over with and God-willing and the creek-don't-rise, health is around the corner.  I officially have diverticulitis, which has freaked me out a little because, hey, I love nuts and berries and apparently I can't have them anymore, and basically, I've always been healthy with no chronic problems, so facing that has been a struggle.  But I'm getting used to the whole idea and not listening to the horror stories about relatives who had to have 15 ft. of bowel removed (so please, don't share unless you have constructive advice -- it freaks me out to hear those stories right now).  Instead, I'll listen to the guy who told me he had one attack episode and none since.  That suits me just fine.

Haven't not written at all since quitting Nano earlier.  And it was a relief.  I needed to step back and chill and try to get well.  I did do a lot of reading though.  I'm on Book 2 of Tad Williams' "Shadowmarch" series.  I really enjoy his novels, big epic fantasy that is on a par with George R.R. Martin (whom I'm rather miffed at, btw, but not addressing that here).  I just ordered Book 4, but I have no idea yet if the series is ending there or continuing, so if you don't like multi-volume epics, then this one may not be for you.  

Ok, see, I've been quiet too long, so now I can't shut up.  I'll spare you for now, but expect more later.  Hah.  Don't say you weren't warned.
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Elder Son's BDay
Christmas shopping for everyone except the grandsons.

To Do:
Get back to regular yoga and gym
Christmas shopping for grandsons
Christmas cards
Christmas cookies
Finish lemon oiling cabinets that never got done b4 Thanksgiving
Get off antibiotics and get well.
Stop the sleep-fail nonsense somehow someway.

Thanksgiving was great, I had 19 people, the biggest ever.  AND I did all the cooking myself except for a green salad and the asparagus.  My sis-in-law was sick, and she's the one who usually helps me.  And I'd had a pretty massive sleep-fail that night, on top of the various digestive problems the antibiotic was causing, but I got through the day just fine (no, I did NOT finish that antibiotic, but never fear, I had to start another one - yay-NOT!) and then it was over.  I rested all day Friday and then we had a party Sat. afternoon and the grandsons all night Sat. night, coupled with another massive sleep-fail, and then it was Son #1 birthday the next day.  We did sub sandwiches, but I did make him a cake.  

I just want to rest up a little now.  Whew!

On Bullies

Oct. 14th, 2010 10:22 am
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My friend and I were discussing the bullying and intolerance by some young people towards those who they perceive as "different" from themselves.

It's a tangled web out there.  The schools and teachers are being blamed by some, and while I do support the schools having a No Tolerance for Bullying attitude, I believe the core problem lies not at school but in the home.  Teachers and school administration can talk until they're blue in the face about tolerance and acceptance, but do kids listen to anything they hear in class?  Not if, at the end of the day, they return to a home filled with hate and spite.  I don't know about elsewhere in the country, but in my state, the parents have taken away authority from the schools.  There's not much the schools can do to discipline kids except send them home--which is a positive reward for some kids, because they're just happy to get away from school.  And what happens then?  Responsible parents have consequences for their misbehaving children.  But I think you know, as well as I do, that the responsible parents are not always (there are, of course, always exceptions) the problem.  It's the parents who can't be bothered to enforce discipline or ask for better behavior from their children.  Or maybe they and their kids are caught up in a pattern of negative behaviors.  Maybe they're secretly -- or, even worse, openly -- applauding their child's actions.  I don't expect the schools to parent my children and teach them right from wrong.  That's my job.  I do think the schools can reinforce the messages I try to teach my children, but I don't think it's right to send your children to school to learn things about behavior and tolerance that they should be learning at home.  I think it all boils down to parents have to be more responsible.  And as always, it's not the one who are listening that are the problem.  It's the ones that don't listen.  How do we help them?

I don't know the answer, but I hope someone comes up with one soon.  I suspect a true solution would have to be one that addresses the myriad and complex root problems.

Just to make it official.  I support everyone's right to be "different", to not fit into a one-sized-fits-all mold.  I do not support bullying or intolerance.
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Setback:  I'm sick.  I blame my hubby cause he got it first.  With him coughing his germs all over, it was inevitable that I'd get it. 

This is how it goes in our world.  He gets sick once in a blue moon and then he's sick for maybe a day, AND he keeps working.  Me?  I don't get sick all that often, really, but when I do, I'm down and on my back for days.  And there's no way I can work. 

I ache and my throat hurt.  I thought my head was going to explode this morning.  I *wished* it would explode, it hurt so bad.  I think it was sinuses, because it hurt in my forehead, but guess what, migraine medication works for the whatever-this-is.  I actually feel halfway okay right now.  I'm going to try to get my 100 words in now.  No telling what I'll feel like tomorrow.  maybe better, eh? 
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My husband is a cancer survivor.  In 2002 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  He had surgery and radiation and is free and clear today.  Looking through my files tonight, I found I had written in detail of the diagnosis and surgery.  It was a worrisome time, but also important in many ways.  Here's something I wrote:

When I read stories of how other people have dealt with their tragedy or misfortune, I always think "how brave they are, and how strong!"  Now I wonder if people are thinking that about us.  I don't feel brave, and I don't feel strong.  I pretend to be strong.  But the way to cope is to just keep going on, one step after the other, and don't look at the whole picture.  That's too overwhelming.  Its easier to just go step by step. 

It was interesting to read back over the details, I'd forgotten a lot of it. Your mind feels like a whirlwind is going through it, taking thoughts and spinning them away before one has time to really grasp them.  I guess it's a defensive mechanism.  It works quite well, actually. 

I think it's during times of the greatest duress that we find ourselves.  We find what we're capable of, we see our limitations.  Most of all, we should learn to be kind to ourselves in such dire circumstances, and indeed, in ordinary life.  We often offer forgiveness to other people.  But how often do we offer forgiveness to ourselves?
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I was in an organizing mood today.  I love to be organized, but mostly I tend to put it off for another day, so being in the mood today made me very happy.  I finally put in the little basket organizers in the bathroom bottom drawer (they'd only been sitting on the corner of the tub for about 3-4 months, you know).  Then I went through the 401k reports and culled, and put in all of 2009 reports that had been stacked in the armoire.  Yesterday I went up in the attic and went through the tax returns boxes, putting in 2008 and taking out 2001 and 2002.  Today all that crap was shredded.  The good news is it took only less than an hour.  The first time I actually decided I needed to get rid of all that old stuff, it took me HOURS to shred.  Yes, I had that much.  I'm a bookkeeper by trade and we keeps stuffs, we do.  Every singly bit of stuffs.  Because you never know when an auditor might want it.  I've also balanced my checkbooks, (Yes, I balance them the old-fashioned way.  You don't?  Shame on you!) did some filing and report printing. 

Chili beans are simmering on the stove and some deep pit beef (bought, not made from scratch) is in the oven.  The only thing I haven't done is I want to go through some cupboard and winnow junk and make room for old Disney VCR tapes that I do not want to get rid of.  And oh yes, the new DVD Recorder/VCR player is still in the box awaiting installation.  I don't know why I keep putting that off.  WEll, yes, I do.  The TV will have to be moved to get to the wiring and the damn thing is heavy (no, we do not have a flat screen).  Oh I have to re-pot a ficus. 

But the Internetz are calling. 
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I did end up finding the Christmas Spirit.  He was just terribly tired and worn out and had crawled into a dark hole to hide out and rest.  He emerged partially on Christmas Eve, with much crankiness, and crawled back in to sleep until Santa had flown by.  He emerged on Christmas Day in a somewhat festive mood. 

The grandtoddler wasn't as much into unwrapping presents as we expected.  He'd unwrap one and then just want to play with that toy instead of going on.  I couldn't help but think maybe that was the spirit of non-commercialism at heart.  "Just give me one toy and I'm happy," he seemed to be saying.  And the rest of us were like, "But wait.  You have more presents.  Here, toss that toy aside and open another one.  And then another.  And another."  The toy I bought him as an afterthought, not sure he'd like it all, was his favorite.  A little Fisher-Price tub of tools that turns into a little workbench, just made for his age.  He hammered and hung the tools and loved it.  I thought the wooden train set would capture his attention.

After that we went as a family to our friends who always have an Open House with clam chowder and menudo.  I ate desserts.  Then the hubby and I left at 3 pm for the coast.  Today it's cloudy and we've already had a sprinkle.  I hope it rains hard, we certainly need it.  We've been to the nursery to buy a new plant, now he has to dig out the old one!  We've been to the grocery store and are ready to settle in for the next week and relax.  

I hope to get some writing done.  What else was I going to post about?  Ack!  It was something!  Well when I recall what it was I guess I'll post again. 
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Baking and cooking? Done.  Cleaning?  Done.  Shopping?  Done.  Presents wrapped and under the tree?  Well, almost--after I get off the internetz I will start and finish that.  Christmas cheer found?  Done.... and then lost at the last minute.  Anyone seen it around?  I've looked under the rug, in the washer, hunted through the dirty socks.  Can't be found.  I was doing so good this year, too.  No stress about needing to get things done, just going about business.  And then once it was all pretty much done, my Christmas spirit seems to have run off with Santa.  Maybe he'll come back on Christmas Eve?  *taps foot*


I'll be leaving Christmas night or the next morning and will be gone until after New Years.  But there will be internets connections, so I"ll be about.


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