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Right now, Mondays are my favorite day of the week.  Poor Monday has always had a bad reputation, as the hated first day back to work after a lovely weekend of no day jobbery.  Well, since I don't work outside of my home, I don't have those back-to-work blues.  Except I do, in a way, go back to work, because Monday is the first day of my 2-day grandson-sitting stint.  And I luffs it so much.   I have the 2 year old all by himself, just me and him, and he's such an easy guy compared to his older brother.  He pretty much keeps himself entertained, something the older guy has never done.  And he loves books, so he's my book buddy.  We hang out and then we go to the gym where he goes to the child care room and I do my yoga.  Then we come back and he goes down for a nap and I do my quick internet catch-up.  Now that my D-i-L is working 5 -day weeks, the hours are so much better than my former 10 hr days.  So after nap, I have another hour or so with him before he leaves.  I've kissed his face so many times today, it's really ridiculous.  He started something new this weekend, he now runs everywhere instead of walking.  We went over to see my mother this morning and he ran down the hallways, stopping only to see the litte ceramic doggie outside one resident's door. "Awwwwwww, a doggie," he said.  And then after being discouraged from picking it up, it was, "Bye, doggie!" and off he went, running down the hallway. 
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Our trip to Disneyland with the 5 year old grandson was so much fun.  He was really good and into riding the rides and not as scared as he's been in the past.

Today we went and picked both him and his 2 year old brother up from their daycare.  The 5 yr old is really a shy guy, so imagine my surprise when I watched him give his goodbyes.  It's a small daycare, only 8 or 9 kids, and today he and his brother were the only boys.  He had to go up to all the girls and give them a hug goodbye.  And when two that he really wanted to say goodbye to were playing around and ignoring him, he kept on calling them quite loudly and finally kind of tackled the one girl so he could give her a hug.  Hmmm.  I guess he's going to be a lady's man? 
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We've been at the coast for a week now.  I had 2 stories I wanted to finish -- 1 for a sub, and 1 for a crit group -- and I did!  Yay!  So I've actually been working very hard. 

My son and d-i-l and grandtoddler are on their way over.  I'm so excited I can't stand it, cause I miss the little guy desperately.  I talked to him on the phone yesterday, and he's just so darn cute.  (No prejudice there!)  So big changes afoot in that area.  On Monday, he starts a new daycare.  It's a smaller preschool setting, only 6 kids, and only 3 houses from their own, so it'll be very convenient.  He went yesterday for just a few hours and was so excited about it.  He painted a picture!  And went "camping", which is what they call their naptime.  And he actually slept during said naptime.  It'll be a great environment for him, he needs to be around other kids more and in a more disciplined structure so he starts learning better behaviors, especially around other kids. 

The bad news for me is that I really wanted him to go 2 days a week to the daycare, giving me 2 days a week with him.  But alas, the daycare only accepts part-timers at 3 days a week.  That leaves me only 1 day a week (his momma works 4 day weeks).  I've been pretty despressed about it, to tell the truth, from a purely selfish point of view.  I just don't want the one day a week to be "new" to him.  I liked it that it was routine and he was happy with me and not missing his parents and all that.  He's so young yet that he'll adjust fairly rapidly.  I'm just afraid I'll hear "I don't wanna go to grandma's!" now, and that would break my heart. 

On the bright side, look at all the writing time I'll have.  I'm sure I'll get over the sadness and be enjoying it immensely.  And then the new baby comes in April, so by June/July I'll be back at it again, so this will probably only be a temporary situation.  I don't think they can afford to pay two daycares at the moment anyway, and I really don't want the baby to have to go to daycare yet.  He'll have to go one day a week because I have to have my Wednesdays free.

Ok, I'll shut up now, over and out. I did some stats yesterday and was pretty pleased, but I don't have time to post them yet.

Happy New Year, one and all.  ((Consider yourself hugged.))
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I did end up finding the Christmas Spirit.  He was just terribly tired and worn out and had crawled into a dark hole to hide out and rest.  He emerged partially on Christmas Eve, with much crankiness, and crawled back in to sleep until Santa had flown by.  He emerged on Christmas Day in a somewhat festive mood. 

The grandtoddler wasn't as much into unwrapping presents as we expected.  He'd unwrap one and then just want to play with that toy instead of going on.  I couldn't help but think maybe that was the spirit of non-commercialism at heart.  "Just give me one toy and I'm happy," he seemed to be saying.  And the rest of us were like, "But wait.  You have more presents.  Here, toss that toy aside and open another one.  And then another.  And another."  The toy I bought him as an afterthought, not sure he'd like it all, was his favorite.  A little Fisher-Price tub of tools that turns into a little workbench, just made for his age.  He hammered and hung the tools and loved it.  I thought the wooden train set would capture his attention.

After that we went as a family to our friends who always have an Open House with clam chowder and menudo.  I ate desserts.  Then the hubby and I left at 3 pm for the coast.  Today it's cloudy and we've already had a sprinkle.  I hope it rains hard, we certainly need it.  We've been to the nursery to buy a new plant, now he has to dig out the old one!  We've been to the grocery store and are ready to settle in for the next week and relax.  

I hope to get some writing done.  What else was I going to post about?  Ack!  It was something!  Well when I recall what it was I guess I'll post again. 

Going dark

Nov. 12th, 2009 03:05 pm
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Going dark -- well, I suppose I should amend that to "darker" as I haven't been so regular on the posting end of things. But I have been reading and trying to comment more often on ya'll's blogs. Tomorrow we leave for our annual, or in this case, biannual, Disneyland trip. Yes, this will be our third trip in one year. What can I say. Son #1 and D-i-L want to go before she's big huge preggers. But we usually go in November anyway. We just happened to have also gone in Feb. of this year, after our early Nov. 08 trip. Yes this will be the grandson's 4th trip (I think -- I've lost count), and he's only 2 1/2. They're not expecting to go again for awhile now though, because of the baby coming in April. HAH! I say. My son can't stay away, especially when he knows we're going and we're buying annual passes, so I know we'll go again next year at least once and possibly twice. Son #2 is going with us too this time. He didn't go last year as he'd just broken up with his girlfriend of 5 years and the past Disneyland memories would have been too raw for him.

Oh, and did I mention that my second grandchild is another boy? ;0 No girls for this grandma. That's ok, I like my boys.
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I'm being a bad grandma.  The grandtoddler needs to be rocked to sleep for his naps.  After this weekend when we kept him overnight and I had to rock him to sleep at night too, and the second night took over 30 minutes because twice when I tried to lay him down, he woke up and cried, I decided I need to break him of his rocking habit.  Truth be told, there's nothing better than to rock a little one, his head on your chest, his body soft and relaxed and oh so trusting in your ability to keep him warm and loved and safe.  But some days there's a limit to my patience and today is the day.  But my heart is breaking.  He fell asleep easily enough while rocking but twice I tried to put him in the crib and both times he woke up crying and demanding to be rocked.  So I sat back down and rocked some more and he fell back to sleep only to wake up again once his little head felt the crib beneath it.  And I don't feel so hot today and so by then I'm tired and grouchy myself and irritated so I closed the door to his crying and left the room.  And now I'm listening to his pathetic cries for "Gwandma gwandma gwandma" and feeling like the world's worst.  I know it's not the end of the world.  But isn't this what grandmas are for?  Unconditional love and rocking?  Even when we don't feel so hot?

EDIT:  Ok he's stopped crying, but he's in his crib talking away.  Looks like there may not be a nap today.  But I'm going to be strong and leave him in there and hope he eventually falls asleep.


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