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Aug. 13th, 2010 04:16 pm
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I forgot to mention I joined Good Reads.  Mainly because I wanted to enter a drawing to win M.K. Hobson's book, Native Star (oops, I see the winners have been selected and I have no email in my inbox, so apparently it was not ME!  Damn it!).  I'm not sure I'll be very active there, it's rather weird how everyone knows what you're doing.  I don't think I'll like that aspect.  But I'm willing to give it a try.  So if you want to friend me there, I'm signed up as Pam Wallace. 
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Ok.  Who's on Good Reads?  And what do you do there, besides list the books you read and want to read?  Just wondering if I should join or not.

I'm beginning to worry now that my stories at those 2 markets aren't really being considered, but my rejection emails are getting lost in cyberspace.  Yes, this is how my brain works.  It worries at stuff like this until it drives itself crazy enough to run screaming out into the darkness where the serial killer awaits, and all you sitting safely behind your tv screens are saying, now why the hell did she do a stupid thing like run outside where the killer is?  Meanwhile, I'm getting hacked to death by my brain.  Yes, it's a sad story, but one I must live with every day.  *sigh*

In better news, I have both the grandbigboy and the grandbaby this week.  Usually I have both of them just one day a week.  That's happened about 4 or 5 times now since I started babysitting the grandbaby, and so far, each time I've managed to get them both to take their afternoon naps at the same time, allowing grandma a bit of a relaxing breather.  And that's what's happened today.  The grandbaby is in his swing and every so often wakes a little, but he keeps going back to sleep.  Aren't they good boys?


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