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I had every intention of leaving IMMEDIATELY when I got home from my walk, and going to the gym to do weights since I haven't been to said gym for over a week.  But it was still fairly early and so I said, Self, let's just check emails really quick and then we'll go.  To which IDSelf replied, you know you'll stay at it longer than "really quick" -- you should just go now.  But no, I assured myself, just really quick.  But um, first, there's really no emails, so let's check the new postings at LH and oh, yes, we have to vote on Best of Best and well, let's just see how far back our flist goes since I didn't read it yesterday.  AND YIKES!!!! back FOUR pages or more?  How did that happen?  

And now here I am an hour and a half later and still not to the gym and I have lunch in 2 hours so I really need to get going.  But really, LJ has been pretty quiet lately and where did all these posts come from in just one day????  I've lost posts before from going so far back and then taking so long to read that when I go to the next 25 page, the entire flist pages reload and some posts disappear.  But really, I have to get going now or nothing will get accomplished today.  Which is why I find myself in this predicament to begin with.  

I haven't posted much because really nothing much is being accomplished here.  I've been really REALLY lazy and just chilling out.  And wasting way too much time on Spider Solitaire and Bubble Town.  So I have made a resolution.  If I feel like playing a game, I must sit and read instead.  If I'm going to waste time in la-la land, I'd rather do it inside one of the many many books I have staring at me from my TBR shelves.  And yes, shelves in plural, not singular.  If I want to eventually get an ereading device, which I do, I need to get all these physical copy books read first.  And that could take me decades at my current speed. 
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According to an article in the Washington Post, those video game addicts among us (No, I'm not looking at ME!) no longer have to make excuses for our -- I mean, YOUR -- time-wasting habit.  Turns out the mind-numbing effects of video games are actually good for stress reduction.  According to the researcher, "...depression and other disorders -- as well as everyday stress and worry -- involve systematic patterns of thought and self-doubt, and that games can distract people and put them in a different mental zone."

So there ya go.  Now, when family or friends gripe about the time you're wasting playing stupid games, tell them the doctor ordered you to play video games for stress relief. 


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