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So I decided to try the flash challenge at LH, even though I don't write flash fiction and I suck at trying to write on the fly.  Well, I should say, I've never tried to write anything on the fly, but I base my theory on the fact that I'm trying to write a short story that needs to be done like tomorrow or last week and I'm just limping along with it even though it's most likely I'm going to miss the golden window of opportunity with it. 

So I enter the trigger, and lo and behold it just happens to be something that I think I can actually work with, so I go ahead, fully expecting to no way in hell ever be able to finish a story in 90 minutes.  And off the story went.  Having that deadline hanging over my head really did make me not allow any inner editor to rear her instrusive and ugly head.  And when the story wanted to veer off in another direction, I let it.  I pretty much based in on an idea that's been laying around my head as a continuation of a published story of mine, using the two already established characters, except that one remained out of sight during this short short.  So I dunno if that's considered cheating or not.  I'll vote no.  I imagine everyone does it to a little extent.  At the end, I almost ran out of time and I realized that to finish the story in the manner I'd expected to, I was going to end up at over 2k, I just kind of ended the story.  So one could argue the ending isn't really an ending at all.  

But hey.  I wrote 1450 words in less than 90 minutes and I am way more jazzed than I thought I would be.  Now I hope I have time to crit the other stories.  I'm trying to get a MPC at critters this week, so I have 5 more stories to crit there before Wed.  And the granbaby is sick, so he'll be extra fussy and attention-hogging and might not sleep much this week.  Yikes.  


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