Mar. 8th, 2012 09:02 am
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This is the first time--except for a few months when I first lived on my own in an apartment--that I haven't had a cat.  I'm at a point in my life where I don't miss it at the moment, which surprises me no end.  I think I had prepared myself during the last year or so of Crooked Cat's life to losing him.  We're gone so much, it's rather nice to not have to worry about someone coming over to make sure he had fresh water (he was a nut for fresh water, and wouldn't drink if the water was stale), especially as I no longer could count on my mother to do it.  It's funny the things you miss the most, though.  It still shocks me when I walk into the laundry room and see the empty spots where his litter box and feeding station was, and in the bathroom where his water bowl was -- I don't know why I kept his water bowl in the bathroom, it somehow evolved into that.  I was mostly used to it, though, until we returned from Reno, and then when I walked inside, the house seemed so empty, and I was shocked again that his stuff wasn't there.  I have the grandboys now to get my cuddles with, but I think as they grow older, I'll get that longing for a cat again.  But for now, I shall remain cat-less. 

I've been here, reading the flist, but have been so behind on things, I haven't posted or commented much.  Have been gone more than I've been home the last 3 weeks, plus the grandkids and my mother have kept me hopping or tied up doin Other Things.  And slushing. Seems everyone's been busy lately, though.  I will join the ranks of those promising to blog more when they can.  I do have good intentions, and then a week or more goes by.
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I was pointed to an awesome site today.  Ever wonder if that rejection letter you received from Editor X is a form reject or not?  In most cases, it's fairly easy to tell, but some Editors send out such nice letters, I've sometimes felt it was a personal reply, only to learn later that it wasn't.  So wonder no more, the Rejection Wiki is for you!  There's navigation links on the left so you can upload your own if you so desire.  I found out that my Asimov's rejection was a form, but the "higher tier" one, which makes me feel better. 

Curse you, Jack!  I had an awesome yoga workout today, and was overcome halfway through by a longing for a milkshake from Jack in the Box.  So I was going to HAVE to have a greasy taco and french fries to go with it, right?  At the signal, I almost talked myself into going left and going on home for a healthy yogurt and granola bar lunch, but I decided ice cream was more what I needed to indulge myself with, so I went straight.  But the drive through lane was full -- FULL, I tell you! -- and I wasn't desperate enough to get in line.  Dammit.  Grief goes better with ice cream, you know.  Last night we went to Baskin Robbins for $1 scoop night, and it really did soothe.  So, I came on home and consoled myself with a Frito Boat lunch.  There may have been one or two
each of these. 

But it was a poor comparison to a strawberry milkshake with whipped cream topping.  *sigh*

Am doing much better today, although the house seems awful empty.  But at least I know poor Crooked Cat isn't hurting anymore, because in hindsight I see now how truly awful and pathetic he was at the end.  Thank you all for listening. 
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RIP Crooked Cat 1995 - 2012

You were one fine cat, and a big bundle of love.

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California made national weather news this week because of the "ferocious" storms (which, I'm sure other parts of the country had much more ferocity than us, however, ours has to compare to the mild, spring-type weather we've had all winter, which is VERY BAD), and I have to say, no one around here is complaining.  In fact, most of us are out there with our drums and chants for More Rain, More Rain.  It's the first drops of moisture we've had since late November, and let me tell you, things are DRY around here and this does not bode well for summer.  Hopefully it's been cold enough for the fruit though, because they do need so many hours of "chilling" for a good season (we grow a lot of produce here in the Central Valley). 

But rain it did, and quite a bit, thank goodness, although we're still in deficit for the year, it's not as bad as it was.  But after the rain, comes you-know-what:  the dreaded FOG!  But I'm not going to complain this year, nope, not gonna do it.  Because if we have fog, that means we have moisture in the ground, and that's a good thing.  Even though my son #1 is starting a new job tomorrow which will involve a longer commute on the freeway where fog pile-up accidents are common during winter, I will not complain. Worry, yes.

Crooked cat is loving his wet food.  Loves it so much he waits around his dish all day for more.  Problem is, he only likes the juice and leaves the food behind, so of course it doesn't stick with him long.  But I can't feed him 3 or 4 cans of food a day just for the "gravy" on it.  I tried soaking the food in water and a little bit of olive oil the other day, but he wouldn't touch it.  Picky, he is.  I did go to the store yesterday and get the kind he loves most, a tuna in gravy, and this morning, it was ALL GONE, even the meat.  But he's obviously in a lot of pain, he has to stop every few feet and sit and rest.  We'll see how he goes, I certainly don't want him to suffer from the pain.  And he's not gaining weight back, yet, either.
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My poor old crooked cat** has been failing.  He's turned into a walking skeleton and eating less and less.  I watched him the other night, weebling and wobbling and almost falling over, sniffing at his food and water and partaking of neither, and told myself I would take him in the next day and, well, you know.  So the next morning I get up and watch him some more as he drinks a little and all of a sudden it pops in my mind that I might have some old cans of wet food in the pantry (he's always only eaten dry food, except for when they had to pull most of his teeth a few years back).  I decided to give him a last meal.  To my surprise, he went CRAZY and lapped up that food like he hadn't eaten in a week -- which is probably about right.  The last few days, he's been getting a can in the morning and at night, and he's actually chippered up a bit.  He still looks awful, and he is almost 17, so I doubt it buys him much time.  Poor crooked cat.

**Crooked Cat earned his name several years ago when he had a stroke which left him paralyzed for a few days and when he could walk again, it was with a decided bend to his hindquarters and a significant limp.


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