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Update on Firefox 4 -- Ok, am really loving the "App tabs" where you can make the pages you view permanent (thank you, [ profile] mylefteye ).  I've got all my email accounts there and LH and LJ -- so five, but they're very small, not much bigger than a regular tab.  All you have to do is right click an open tab and select "pin as app tab".  Handy, handy!!!

And the other day, I played around for quite a while, testing all the different "personas" for Firefox.  I wasn't too sure about them at first, but they're really fun.  What I like the best about them is that you can "try them on" just by running your mouse over them (once you have it installed, that is).  They're kind of like desktop backgrounds for the top and bottom of Firefox.  You don't really see all that much of them, but it's fun to change them around, and that part is easy to do.  I don't like the ones that are too colorful, because it's hard to read the titles of tabs if they're too busy -- or for me it is, anyway.  I found a bunch of Disney personas, so that made me happy.

The one thing that is still bugging me, though, is the "open in New tab" or "Open in new window" when you right click a link.  I'm sure they switched them around, because my first instinct is always to click on the second item listed on that right click, which now opens up a new window, and I'm pretty sure that before the second item listed was open a new tab.  So I get in a hurry and keep opening up new windows when I really wanted a new tab.  It just bugs me.  One of these days I'll learn to slow down, right?

Firefox 4

Jun. 11th, 2011 02:18 pm
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So I have just updated to Firefox 4 and so far I hates it very much.  It's completely different.  The tabs are on the very top and they're bigger so not as many show.  It looks a little too similar to IE for my taste, too.  And I miss the cute little orange fox.  Well, I've already seen how to turn it back to something like the old, but in the spirit of accepting change, I'm going to stick it out and see if I end up liking it.  But so far, Bleah on Firefox.  Maybe I'll start using Chrome if I'm going to have to make all these changes anyway.   But no, I loves me my XMarks too much and have no idea if Chrome has anything similar or not. 

ETA:  Just found out how to make the tabs go back to the bottom, which I *much* prefer.  I still miss the orange fox though, and to get it back changes a whole lot more so I'm leaving it gone for the moment.
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Did I just never notice this before?  I have Windows 7.  I had to research how to add the "recent items" of my most recent documents to my start menu, and that was one of the first things I did.  This is the list of items off to the right of the start menu, where there's shortcuts to Games, Documents, Music, Computer, Printers, Control Panel, etc. But today I noticed that on the left of the start menu, where your programs are listed,  there's arrows beside my Word, Notepad, and a few other icons.  And if you move the mouse to the arrow, then a list of recent items pops out for each progam.  Geez!  Have they been there all the time and I never noticed????  This is even more useful than the "Recent Items" thingy I've always used, because that one lumps all the files together, like Excel and notepad and Word, and it keeps only the most recent 10 files there.  Now I have access to the last 10 documents opened from Notepad, Word, and Excel.  Often, I'll want an Excel file and it's long since disappeared from my Recent list and then I have to go searching for it.  Duh, now it's usually right there list since I don't open that many Excel files.  I imagine you Windows 7 users are wanting to reach through your screen and pop me upside the head for never noticing this before.  But if you're like me, seeing only what you're used to seeing, then maybe you never noticed this nifty feature before.  Apparently this is called a Jump List.  Color me oblivious.
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So I am back from the depths of Hell illness (LOL, no, really, it wasn't all that bad, I'm just being dramatic, because that's what we do here on LJ, right?).  And what, you wonder, was I doing all that time besides laying around on my ass backside?  Um, well, there was a lot of reading done.  And a lot of tv-watching.  And um, not so much sleeping or eating.  And -- no, not that either.  Ok, so I didn't accomplish much.  But I DID read!  Expect the obligatory mini-reviews to come.

Oh, and I did finally install Windows 7 -- only almost a year later.  No need to rush into anything, right?  Now I see why I waited so long, it took 2 1/2 hours to install (it was an upgrade, not a complete new install) and then another hour or more to update all my drivers.  And then more time trying to figure out why I couldn't get my Home Group going (still don't know why, but never mind, it's done now) and then more time today trying to figure out how to keep that damn "Locked" login screen from showing up on a resume from Hibernation, and THEN finding where my "recent documents" went to.  I think I'm going to love the sticky notes thingy.  Not sure the Snap thingy is working right yet, but I haven't played around with it enough yet.  That was the thing I was most interested in, for comparing document versions. 

I always meant to post this, too, but when I bought our new Dell desktop a while back, I also bought a new printer.  It was only another $10 to get a wireless model (and I think it was only $69 anyway), and BOY HOWDY! am I glad I did.  Love that.  Before, if I wanted to print from my laptop through the network, the desktop computer had to be on.  No more!  I highly recommend it!

OH!  And on my last entry, there was a comment made by a qedaagua that I hope none of you saw, because it was a spammer, and according to the email containing the comment, it was full of links and Russian/whatever script, which I'm sure doesn't mean well at all.  I reported the comment, hopefully it won't happen again.  Kind of freaks me out how they got to my little post that didn't even have any links or anything to it.  I guess that stuff happens.


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