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What a difference a day makes!  Received a rejection from Short-Story.Me.  That slight downer was quickly replaced later that night by an acceptance from Every Day Fiction for "When Pigs Fly."  Woot!  More news to follow when I have a publication date.  The interesting thing about the comments I received from the editors is that all three felt the story was a section from a novel.  Which it isn't.  But I get that comment a LOT.  I think I need to concentrate on novels.

Still sick.  The viral-thingy seems to be settling in my sinuses and triggering migraines.  
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Eighteen days to a YES from Daily Science Fiction.  This is the sale I announced the other day.  I didn't want to announce the publication until I had returned the contract.  I'm so excited to have a story placed with them and can't wait for their debut. 

Oh, and btw, this is a FLASH story.

One of these days, I need to go through and edit my tags and then actually USE them.  I always forget.  
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I was expecting it, truly I was.  An 8-day reject from F&SF -- "didn't grab" for "Shasta on Seriova."  It was a long shot.  That came in the mail today. 

Then I opened my email tonight to find out my flash story, "Potion Woes" has been accepted by Everyday Fiction.  No notice yet on when it'll be published.  This was a story I wrote for a flash challenge at Liberty Hall, so 90 minutes to a story that's going to be published isn't too bed, eh?  Well, I did revise it a time or two, mainly trying to get the word count down so I could sub it as a flash. 

We're keeping the grandbaby overnight.  He got here about 3:30 and we had a good afternoon and now he's in bed, sleeping with his arm around his Mickey Mouse.  Cuteness, indeed, my chubby-cheeked grandbaby. 
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I had 10 stories out at market, which was the most ever for me.  They all went out about the same time, which of course has resulted in rejection after rejection the last few days.  Today I opened my inbox to see a reply for my story "A Safe Place".  I opened it figuring it was a rejection.  It was.  From Interzone.  This following on the notice from yesterday that "Shasta on Seriova" had won an Honorable Mention in WotF , which while nice, was still a rejection, albeit a personal one.

I coped the rejection from Interzone and pasted it into a file.  Went back to my inbox and saw an email from Lorelei Signal regarding my submission there, "Willful Steel."  I steeled myself, knowing it was another rejection and stumbled over the word "acceptance."  WHAT????  Wheeeeeee!!!!

So this story is scheduled for the July issue. 

I love "Willful Steel."  Glad it's finally found a home!


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