Jun. 22nd, 2012


Jun. 22nd, 2012 11:03 am
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Content.  At peace.  Ah, happiness. 

Am in Reno, NV, on our anniversary vacation.  Hubby is downstairs gambling while I've been having the most pleasant morning here in our room.  I have internetz, and the only vague upheaval was my browser unexpectedly shut down and I lost all my tabs and had to spend 30 minutes or so going through my history to find what all I'd been saving to look at "later."  "Later" being the story of my life, in which my appetite is bigger than my allotted time, so it's always, I'll get to it later, which of course, hardly ever happens.  But that small annoyance aside, I'm happily browsing and buying children's books for the grandkiddies for my Kindle Fire (wow, I was buying a book online, and just happened to have the Fire beside me, charging it up, and the book I bought INSTANTLY appeared on the home screen.  Talk about quick!

Here at the Peppermill, downstairs in the casino they have hundreds of HD tvs showing gorgeous scenes of street/landscape views of cars/boats/joggers/ocean waves in different spots worldwide.  I really enjoy watching the different places scoot by, but am mildly frustrated when the screen is sometimes too far away for me to read the city name and short description.  But I have happily discovered I can watch it in my room here, with a soothing background music of easy listening instrumentals and classical.  I am watching "underwater Life" in New Zealand (2 sharks swimming in the bluest water), Ness Valley in New Zealand (green pasture with buttery-yellow sheep grazing) Laka Wakatipu in New Zealand with a finger of fog edging over a jagged cliff, cars trying manuever through the narrow streets of Chinatown in San Francisco, an awesome bridge in France, rainbow-colored skyscrapers in Hong Kong, boats jetting white wakes in Sydney, AU, a waterfall in CA, a wildflower in Death Valley barely swaying in a gentle breeze, a man sitting by an ancient wall in China.  It's very tranquil and soothing, and I'm doing what makes me happiest.  Some might call it boring.  :-D


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