Jun. 13th, 2012

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I got a Kindle Fire for Mother's Day.  Did I tell you?  I'm not really using it for reading, yet, as my pile of TBR paper books is so huge and overwhelming, I'll probably never finish it in my lifetime.  In fact, I have to say I'll probably give in and not read some of them.  But anyway, I have a regular Kindle for reading, I think the e-ink or whatever they call it is much easier in my eyes than the Fire screen, so that will most likely be my reading vehicle.

The older grandson loves the Fire and I have a lot of games on it for him.  And quite a few for me.  The Sudoku game is awesome, and I think I like it better even than the paper ones.  And then I found Tetris!  Yay, I spend many hours playing Tetri on my son's Nintendos.  The Fire Tetris, you use your fingers to tap to flip the blocks, and I get confused sometimes on where to tap or flick, but it'll come easier soon, I'm sure.  

I also like a Gems clone, not sure what the "real" name of it is.  I picked up a jigsaw game the other day, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.  Not using it for music or videos yet, but I expect I will, eventually.  I tried a seek and find type of game, it was okay, but not as immersive RPG as I like, but a lot of that was a learning curve in using the Fire.  I finished that game and got another by the same publisher, so maybe I'll like the next one better.

I picked up a RPG game that is very much like the original Dragon Warrior.  I loved the SNES game, and today I got the chance to play the Fire one (I think it's called Gaillardia), and it is VERY similar.  I prefer the kind of fighting where it's all computer generated, not having to time your hits and jumps, because I've never been good at that type of thing, so this game is right up my alley.  I do wish there was a map within the game though, I don't like wandering without knowing where to go and my memory is no longer good enough for me to remember the exact way to go, but I expect I can find one online when I get the chance.  It's all good.

So far, most of the games have been free, which is awesome.  I think I've spent a couple of dollars on a game or two, but Amazon offers a lot of the fee games for free every so often, so if you wait, it might swing around for free. 


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