May. 2nd, 2012

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So here's a kind of funny thing that happened in our family due to Facebook.  My brother's ex-mother-in-law passed away over the weekend (it's ok, she was "ready" and was 95).  My niece posted on Facebook (found this out much later) that her grandmother had died, without specifying *which* grandmother it was (she called both my mom and her mom's mother the same nickname).  So a cousin's daughter up in Canada, who is about the same age as my niece, went to the same high school, but not necessarily "friends" are now -- apparently -- facebook friends.  The cousin's daughter sees the post and thinks, OMG, it's mom's aunt (my mother and my niece's "other" grandmother) who's died.  Phone calls ensue, apparently, and complicated by it's now running later in the evening and entering nighttime, and time zone changes, and that the cousin's mother (who she called to confirm/deny) was in Florida on the way back to CA and about to get on the plane, hence making her then un-reachable by phone.  I am alerted to the "problem" by a friend of my cousin, who I assure that my mother is just fine, however, she's unclear how the information got to my cousin to begin with, so doesn't know who, if anyone, she should call since my cousin is now on the plane and not due to get home until really late/early in the AM.  So we laugh it off and she'll take care of it tomorrow.  The next morning, I get a phone call from my cousin's son's wife (who I *never* talk to except every 5 years or so at some distant relative's funeral).  I'm really not thinking about the mixup, because I don't know how/where/who has what information, all I'm wondering is why the heck she is calling me.  And all she says is, "How are you?"  "Fine," I answer, still wondering what she wants.  Silence.  Then she mumbles, "Sorry."  "Huh?"  I ask, not really understanding her.  She hems and haws and repeats, and finally it dawns on me what's going on.  "Wait, wait, are you calling about my mother?"  "Yes, I'm so sorry!"  Ack.  No, everything is fine.  I explain, but she doesn't even know who got what info where, apparently messages were being left all over the country.  But she's relieved, MUCH relieved.  Later, I call my brother to let him know if he gets any sympathy calls, he better check and make sure they're sympathizing for the right person, but he knows all about it and the Facebook connection comes out. 

So.  People.  Please specify which side of the family you're posting about, before you scare unsuspecting distant family members.  I still don't know how many people were freaking out and sad over the loss of my mother.  It's kind of funny, I was laughing about it.  But I do feel badly for those that were needlessly saddened. 


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