Apr. 22nd, 2012

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T is for The Three Stooges

I grew up watching The Three Stooges after school and on Saturdays.  I loved them.  Especially Curly.  (NOT Curly Joe.  Nor Shemp, although he was okay.)  Even though they were crude and crass and violent towards each other, it was all in fun (?), slapstick at it's best, and they always make me crack up.  I still laugh at Curly, no matter how stoopid he comes across.  So when I saw they had a Three Stooges movie, I had to go see it.  Even though I expected it to be lame.  But guess what?  It wasn't.  Or I didn't think so, anyway.  But I suspect you have to love the Stooges, as I do and did, to appreciate the modern day retelling.  I was most impressed with the job the new actors did in copying the original Stooges look and actions, especially Will Sasso.  He was perfect as Curly, and it was plain that he'd spent many hours watching the old films in order to get things just so.  He even did the famous "Whoop-whoop" while laying sideways on the floor and running in a circle.  Priceless.  The other actors were very good, too, although I did wish Moe would have had a deeper voice, because the higher one kept drawing me out of the masquerade.  There was even a storyline that I thought worked very well.  So, if you love the Stooges and slapstick, I would recommend the movie.  But I do understand that their humor is not for everyone.  I appreciated too, how the Farrelly brothers had a short little speech at the end about "kids, do not do this at home, these are plastic hammers and poking someone in the eyes could *really* hurt."  Cause, you know, kids can be pretty dumb sometimes.


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