Apr. 16th, 2012

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N is for Nest, and 'Nother N Post. 

I forgot yesterday was a "free" day in the A-Z Blogging Challenge, and I went ahead and posted a N entry.  So what to do today?  I guess what I could have done is skip today instead, but then my pretty little calendar showing I've posted EVERY SINGLE DAY this month would be messed up.  I could have posted about anything.  Or I could just do another N post.  And I thought of Nest.  And look!  I have a picture, too!  The date on this picture is from 2005.  That's how long doves have been nesting in my hanging planters on the patio.  They haven't been very successful at it because we're out on the patio a lot and that scares them off the nest and eggs.  And I had cats.  And neighborhood cats.  The year of the picture, we actually had eggs -- lots of times the doves get scared away by all our activity outside and never lay eggs.  But that year, they did -- you can tell by the poor plant underneath the dove that didn't get water!  And then baby birds actually hatched!  And then one day we were gone all day and came home to check on the little birdies and they were gone!  I think there was a feather on the patio, so we never knew if they had flown the nest or if a cat got them.

But last year, eggs were laid, and my poor Crooked Cat was too sick to go outside much, and so the birdies hatched.  And we watched them in the nest, and then one day we looked out and the babies were sitting on the chair below the nest.  I kept an eye on them all day, frantic that a cat would come along and get them.  One of the babies was brave enough to fly, but this one was scared and just kept staying on the chair all by himself.  The papa or mama bird finally got mad at started flying at it and soon enough, the little scared baby flew a little bit.  But then they just hung around in the backyard all that day and into the next.  We lost track of them for a while after that, although we did keep seeing doves in the yard, but whether they were the mama and papa or the babies, we didn't know.  Boy those babies grow fast once they start growing! 

So, the doves are back.  I like to think they're the babies, come back to where they were hatched, but maybe they're the parents, come to try again? 


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