Apr. 10th, 2012

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I words -- well, there's not that many of them, but it was still tough.  Ice and igloos first came to mind, but I hate both of those -- not that I have any experience of igloos, but since they're made of ice and I don't like the cold, well, they both made me go ICK!  (Hmmm, there must be an "I" theme here or something.  Next thought is definitely one of my favorites, though -- ice cream!  Yum!  I was hung up on Haagen Daaz's special edition Bananas Foster all last year.  I couldn't tell you how many cartons of that stuff I ate--every single night.  But as usual with my food obsessions, I eventually tired of it, and actually gave my waistline a break and quit eating ice cream at all.  Then it was Mint Chocolate Chip.  I bought Strawberry for Easter and it's tasting pretty yum!  But my favorite flavor that I can't find anymore is Lemon Custard.  It's a delicate flavor of lemon.  I remember it from childhood.  Then Baskin Robbins carried it for a while, but that was a long time ago. 

Another I that comes to mind is Imagination, or my lack of it when trying to picture scenes or characters in my mind when I read or write.  It's why I do love heavy descriptions in a book I'm reading, because it helps me get a visual in my mind.  And when I write, I usually only have a vague idea of what my characters look like, usually their faces are rather blank.  I may pick out one characteristic to focus on, like eyes or a nose, and that's about it.  I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Maybe the character would come more alive for me if I had a strong visual?  But my characters are pretty alive for me, or their personalities anyway.  What I have trouble with is physical actions, and maybe if I had a strong visual, I could imagine those better?  Anyway, I do like how j_cheney has pictures for all her characters.  If you like visuals for writing prompts, as I do, may I again suggest a site that has some really cool ones?  http://www.writingprompts.us/


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