Apr. 5th, 2012

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So, day 5 of the April Blogging from A-Z Challenge finds me on the 5th letter of the alphabet, the wonderful E.  What would we do without E's, I ask you?  Ever notice how often you hit the E on your keyboard?  My E is almost completely worn off. 

But anywho, this post will probably be one of those "oh, snap and Doh!" posts for many of you.  I have finally discovered how to schedule posts here on LJ and Blogspot, and is it ever easy-peasey.  Although LJ's schedule posting isn't very intuitive.  You have to go up to edit the date and change it there, and that means the post will go live on that day.  But seems to me, that when you edit the date, you're changing the date because it's wrong, so that wasn't so easy-peasey to find, but the FAQ that told how to do it was, as were the directions.  Comes in VERY handy when you're supposed to post every day but you can't because your whole day is taken up by two little boys ages 2 and 5 that demand every minute of your attention.  So I wrote up my posts for Mon. and Tues. and liked it so much I did it yesterday, too.  It's also way better to write up a post while it's fresh on your mind and you're enthusiastic about it, than wait and do it later when you're feeling tired and forgetful and somewhat jaded about the whole thing by now.  So I'll probably be using this new tool (for me!) quite often.  So, Yay, me!


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