Mar. 12th, 2012

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Right now, Mondays are my favorite day of the week.  Poor Monday has always had a bad reputation, as the hated first day back to work after a lovely weekend of no day jobbery.  Well, since I don't work outside of my home, I don't have those back-to-work blues.  Except I do, in a way, go back to work, because Monday is the first day of my 2-day grandson-sitting stint.  And I luffs it so much.   I have the 2 year old all by himself, just me and him, and he's such an easy guy compared to his older brother.  He pretty much keeps himself entertained, something the older guy has never done.  And he loves books, so he's my book buddy.  We hang out and then we go to the gym where he goes to the child care room and I do my yoga.  Then we come back and he goes down for a nap and I do my quick internet catch-up.  Now that my D-i-L is working 5 -day weeks, the hours are so much better than my former 10 hr days.  So after nap, I have another hour or so with him before he leaves.  I've kissed his face so many times today, it's really ridiculous.  He started something new this weekend, he now runs everywhere instead of walking.  We went over to see my mother this morning and he ran down the hallways, stopping only to see the litte ceramic doggie outside one resident's door. "Awwwwwww, a doggie," he said.  And then after being discouraged from picking it up, it was, "Bye, doggie!" and off he went, running down the hallway. 


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