Mar. 8th, 2012


Mar. 8th, 2012 09:02 am
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This is the first time--except for a few months when I first lived on my own in an apartment--that I haven't had a cat.  I'm at a point in my life where I don't miss it at the moment, which surprises me no end.  I think I had prepared myself during the last year or so of Crooked Cat's life to losing him.  We're gone so much, it's rather nice to not have to worry about someone coming over to make sure he had fresh water (he was a nut for fresh water, and wouldn't drink if the water was stale), especially as I no longer could count on my mother to do it.  It's funny the things you miss the most, though.  It still shocks me when I walk into the laundry room and see the empty spots where his litter box and feeding station was, and in the bathroom where his water bowl was -- I don't know why I kept his water bowl in the bathroom, it somehow evolved into that.  I was mostly used to it, though, until we returned from Reno, and then when I walked inside, the house seemed so empty, and I was shocked again that his stuff wasn't there.  I have the grandboys now to get my cuddles with, but I think as they grow older, I'll get that longing for a cat again.  But for now, I shall remain cat-less. 

I've been here, reading the flist, but have been so behind on things, I haven't posted or commented much.  Have been gone more than I've been home the last 3 weeks, plus the grandkids and my mother have kept me hopping or tied up doin Other Things.  And slushing. Seems everyone's been busy lately, though.  I will join the ranks of those promising to blog more when they can.  I do have good intentions, and then a week or more goes by.


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