Feb. 20th, 2012

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Since today is a holiday, and my daughter-in-law is a public servant, I do not have my grandbaby today.  Which is kind of sad, because Monday is the day I have him all alone, and it's a special day of bonding for us, without him having to fight his older brother for my attention.  We have a nice, calm, day.  And then Tuesday arrives and he turns into a screamer and demander and obstinate 2 yr old.  LOL. 

So I have the whole, delicious day all to myself.  I plan to get a submission in the mail if I can talk my wireless printer into printing without knocking it against the wall a time or two (Ok, so no I'm not violent.  It really just involves having to walk back to the bedroom to turn the printer off.  And then on.  And trying again.  And then restarting the laptop.  And walking back to the .... yes, see how boring that is?), do a read-through of another story to see if it's ready to sub.  Finish reading and critting a story for homework on the Odyssety Online Class, make about 3 or 4 phone calls (ACK!  PHONE CALLS!  MUST HIDE and PROCRASTINATE!), some more desk work, maybe vacuum, go to yoga, and read slush. 

What slush you ask?  Yes, I am now slush reader at Shimmer.  I've been doing it about a week and think I may have a few thoughts now and then on the process.  I've heard it suggested every writer should try their hand at slushing at some point, so I thought, hmmm, maybe I'll give it a try and see what I learn. 

So my free day won't be so free after all, but full of Stuff.  But that's life, right? 


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