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Yesterday I went outside to do two small chores:  spray the tomatoes for worms, and quickly pot up two little pieces of some really pretty plant that I filched out of a nursery and rooted in water.  Well.  Two hours or so later, I had done both of those, plus re-potted about 6 new purchases that I have sadly let die.  Why would I re-pot them if they're dead, you might ask?  Well, a couple of them did have one or two sad looking little stems on them, and two others seemed to still have healthy roots, and the other two had healthy enough stems that I think might re-root with fresh soil.  Well, they're probably all lost causes, but it doesn't hurt to try.  Plus I cleaned up my potting bench, moving all the junk accumulation off and sweeping it clean and then organizing all my rocks.  Yes, I've been collecting rocks.  No, I do not know what kind they are besides pretty ones.  Or unusually shaped.  Or ocean-washed pieces of tile or shell. Or they've got little barnacles attached to them.  Or holes.  I've been collecting them to use in my miniature gardens, but of course I have more than I'll ever use, but I also have a dry creek bed I can throw the leftovers into.  And after I organized my rocks, I replanted and re-rocked some of my miniature gardens.  And even though I meant to spend 15 minutes out there and really didn't have 2 hours to spare, well, it was all to the good.  My tomatoes are doing so much better this year than last year.  I think the weather has been nicer, while we had a week or so of 100+ temps earlier, it's dropped back since then.  I guess the east coast and everyone else is getting our 100+.  Sorry about that.  At least out here we're equipped to handle them better -- everyone has air conditioning.  I can't imagine having to deal with that weather PLUS no electricity.  Wow, Mother Nature is really slamming it to us this year.  Crazy stuff.  At least out here in CA we're used to the heat plus we have a dry heat with little humidity. 

After I finally came inside, I spent a couple hours clearing off my desk (are you seeing a trend, here?  Yes, I let things pile up and then have to take hours to UNpile them.  But at least I do, eventually.) and paying bills and organizing my greetings cards drawer ( I LOVE me some organizing!).  And then as I was gathering up old VCR tapes to take to transfer to DVD before the coupon for $5 off expired, I realized that I have a combo VCR/DVD recordable.  So, duh!  I made 3 DVDs last night.  Years ago the hubby and I both had old super 8 mm film from our childhoods transferred to VCR.  So now that VCRs are things of the past, I guess we need to transfer them to DVD.  Wonder how long before I have to transfer them yet again?  We watched them as I transferred them, and it was so cool.  I saw a quick glimpse of my grandmother, who died when I was 6.  And my granpa and great-granma.  I barely recognized my mom looking so young.  It was kind of sad, but very cool.  The quality of the tapes wasn't very good at all, so the images aren't very clear.  But at least we have them. 
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