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I have a few minutes free time and then that will be it.  So this will be quick.  First, we have the grandkiddies until Sunday evening, which means no free time at all.  Maybe an hour today during naps later on.  I'm trying to do a daily word goal again, but the last few days, life has intervened.  Thursday, I woke up sickly and pukey and ended up sleeping half the day away.  Yesterday, I had to catch up on the house chores because it truly was a disaster and tomorrow after Mother's Day Brunch, the family is coming over (14 or so!), and the minute that was all done, it was time to pick up the grandkiddies. 

So regarding the daily word goal, [ profile] kara_gnome challenged me the other day to write 500 words.  Sadly, neither one of us made it.  LOL!  But I did win, with 345 words.  So, yay for me!  I decided then that a 100 word goal wasn't good for me, because usually I end up putting it off until 9 pm at night and then trying to push out words and stop when I get right at 100.  But 500 is too much for me to accomplish every single day, so I decided that a monthly average of 500 words a day could work.  I'll really have to push to make that this month, though. 

Because now the Shimmer slush is growing ever bigger.  I made a commitment to read slush, and I feel a lot of pressure when I have as many stories in my inbox as there are right now.  I want to get them done RIGHT now, which is never a good thing.  Too much pressure, I try to read to fast and then have to re-read.  It's not a good scenario for anyone.  I need to find my way to feeling okay with having stories piling up, because the reality is, they're always going to pile up, it's a never-ending process, and I need to process my own way through that.  My normal process is when things are piled up to soldier on and get them done, but in this case, it's not like this job will ever get done, there's only more stories waiting. 

Which is all to say, I'm trying to find a way to balance reading slush with taking time to write, because what I'm doing right now is reading slush instead of writing.  I need to do my own stuff first and fit slush in later, instead of the other way around. 


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