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May 7 is a Reflections Post Day in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge.  So what did I discover and learn from blogging 30 days in a row?  I re-learned that I'm one of those people who need discipline (i.e. a schedule) in my life or I degenerate into an unmotivated lackluster couch potato that does nothing but play games all day.  So in that regard, blogging everyday got me on a schedule and motivated me.  It game me a huge feeling of accomplishment.  Why?  Nothing more complicated than I set a goal for myself and I followed through on it.  That, my friends, leaves one with a HUGE sense of self-accomplishment.  I didn't even realize the cumulative effect of this challenge until this morning.  Yesterday, I made myself a list in the morning (thank you, [ profile] maryjdal, for that idea!).  This isn't something new, I often make myself lists, but only when there are a ton of things I need to get accomplished.  The difference this time?  I wrote writing-related items on this list.  I usually keep my daily life and my writing life separate.  Merging them into one was a big step for me.  It announces (if only to myself) I AM a writer.  This may seem like a DUH! type of statement, but it's something internal I didn't even realize I was doing (keeping myself separate).  I did almost everything on this list--the two things I didn't accomplish went on today's list (so yes, I still have the stove to clean and one phone call to make).  I revised a story.  I subbed a story.  And then I went on to write, even though it was growing rather late by then and I had nothing to write, I remembered I had [ profile] stillnotbored's monthly challenge beginning sentence, so I wrote 127 words there.  Nothing major, but I accomplished something.  This morning I was looking over the end of the A-Z Challenge, and thinking of my reflections post and I realized that yesterday's accomplishment was mainly due to the challenge.  I was feeling accomplished and full of goals.  That, my friends, is what I call a successful challenge of blogging daily.


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